Parker Pens Beta Special Edition

by - March 18, 2014

I always thought Parker Pens were meant for big people, when I was a kid. However, I used to always take my father's pen to school, or class, and end up losing it.

I didn't know Parker Pens were for girls too, until I saw this amazing one in the store nearby!

You might have seen this in some previous posts, before I actually wrote this one.

There are many designs available in this collection, plus there are colors too. I seriously suggest you girls to buy it, because it is just for Rs. 125!

Mine is for Rs. 125, there was one more in the collection, and that was gel inked, whereas mine is ball point.

So, if you like the traditional gel ink of a Parker pen, I suggest you to buy that. I suppose it is for Rs. 250, and again, designs are mind blowing.

As soon as I saw it in the store, I made it a point to buy it. I did not have Rs. 125 with me (as it was the month end), I immediately purchased it after I got the pocket money of March.

For those girls who have tried searching it in shops, and haven't got it, here's how the cover looks like. Maybe you can download this photo, and take it to the store, and buy it using the photo as the reference (don't forget that it is a special edition. And special editions don't last long in the stores, and these Beta ones obviously wouldn't, no doubt in that).

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