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by - March 29, 2014

If you're a Windows Phone user, or maybe Windows 8 and/or 8.1 OS computer user, I am sure you might be frustrated with the Bing apps, well especially the Bing Search. But I guess you won't be frustrated by Bing henceforth; well if not all the Bing apps, at least the Bing Food and Drink app.

I still use the theme we built together. I've pinned this app on the start-screen, because I've vowed to help my mom in this vacation. So I'll make a recipe or two with this app.
The shortcut on the start-screen acts as a Window Display; it reminds you of the different recipes you SHOULD make.

As soon as you open the app, a mouth-watering plate of delicious food is in front of you. You can either sigh looking at it, or make it.

This big picture of a food item tells you the Top Rated recipe of the day. It can be from the Indian cuisine, or some other.

After you scroll to the right, you see a menu. You can check from one of your own 'collection', add a recipe to this app, or browse through the meal plan. (Don't worry; I'm going to explain everything.)

There are these options in general.

1. Collections | This is how the Collections look like after clicking on it. I have two collections, 'For Breakfast', and 'Done'. Each of the collection has two items as of now.

This is to the left of the screen after you click the 'Collections' option. It acts a guide to add and edit the collection(s).

Now how to add your recipes to the 'Collections'?
Open the recipe you want, and on the bar which is to the extreme bottom, select the 'Add to Collections' option. After selecting that, you can see the options shown in the picture above. You can either add the recipe to the already existing collection, or can create a new.

2. Add a Recipe | I've never added a recipe of my own on this app, but you can definitely, if you want to.
Here is the overview of the option 'Add a Recipe'.

3. Shopping List | This is my Shopping List. I love this feature of the app the most.

Adding ingredients to the Shopping List is a piece of cake.
After opening the recipe, all you worry about is whether you have the required ingredients at home, or not. But Bing Food and Drink app has the best feature for this. So you needn't worry.
All you have to do is select the 'Add to Shopping List', and you get the list of items that are required to make the recipe. You need to just select or un-select the items according to their availability.
And then you will find these items in the Shopping List of your own.
Blissful, isn't it?

4. Today's Meal Plan | The Meal Planner is something you can plan your everyday Meal with.
You can select different days, and add them to different 'Courses' that you would have the meal at.

To add a recipe to the Meal Planner, just select the 'Add to Meal Planner' option after opening the recipe, and then select the day.

Now browsing through the recipes from the options on the 'Main' screen is fun.
You can either choose from the Indian Recipes and Desserts, or browse all the recipes in general.

This is the screen you get after opening the 'Browse Recipes'.
You get general options by Bing in the right, and the 'Filters' in the left.

These are the 'Filters' that you get. I love this feature too. It's so perfect. (It even has the scope to select vegetarian food by the 'Dietary' option that it has.)

After selecting one of the filters, say 'Cooking Method', you get the above options. 
Isn't it impeccable? 

So this is one of the recipes that I found out easy, and would make in the future, and is the part of the Collection 'For Breakfast'. 

To the right, you find the overview of the recipe, with the time it will take, the difficulty level, the cuisine, etc.

And to the extreme bottom, you will find these options, like 'Add to Collections', 'Print', 'Pin to Start', etc.
(Please zoom in the picture to read the options.)

Not just do I have Bing Food and Drink app on the desktop, but I have it in my Windows Phone too. 
The last time I made 'Vegetable and Cheese Paratha' using this app, I desperately needed a way to tell me the steps on my phone. Because going to my room to check the steps on the computer, after every step, was hectic and frustrating. 
So I just thought of searching the app on my phone, and there it was! I immediately downloaded it, searched the recipe, and made it! 
The recipe was heavenly.

It has all the amazing features like the desktop app.

And you can select the Filters too. 

I made two recipes using this app, and would like to share them.

Cheesy Potato Garlic Roast
I ate this along with Bhakris. 

Vegetable and Cheese Paratha
I made it as a breakfast item. But we had it as a Brunch item. I started preparing it around 11, so it got pretty late until I chopped the veggies and stuff. 
However, my mom turned them into a Paratha. I just prepared the fillings, and was directing her.

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