Notebook for Daily To-Dos

by - March 20, 2014

My brother currently lives in UK for a degree in Mechanical Engineering. He has lately started listing up a daily To-Do list.

He had had a small notebook, but the cover was not so thick. Hence it got prettily damaged, as it rains there quite a number of times. So since we're sending him a parcel containing Indian sweets and snacks, we thought of sending him other things like a notebook too.

Firstly, my brother doesn't mind if it has Prabhat or something else written on it, (I guess boys are alike in this matter). I bought this particular diary because it fitted in his criteria, as he had told me to get one which did-- Thickness, Cardboard Cover, and Small enough to fit in his back Pocket.

This book is thick enough for his daily To-Dos. I got it in maroon red, and it costs Rs. 30. There was a regular red colour available too, but it was too bright. So I thought maybe this would be perfect for a boy.

So I asked my brother how he is going to use it -- He said that he writes his tasks that are supposed to be achieved in the day on one page, and later checks it with a tick mark. He said he doesn't sleep unless he has accomplished all the tasks for the day.
I'm loving this good change in him. And he says the inspirational force behind this is TPCG (yes!).

If you are living away from your parents, and have to manage various tasks, grocery shopping, cleaning clothes, or shoes, or completing assignments, then you can use this method.

And even if you stay with your parents, and love to be organized, you can use this method too. You can write down important submission dates, study-time-table, or meeting up with old friends in this small notebook.

And hey, you can always cover the book nicely if you want!

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