Hairbrushes // Are they Really Good?

by - March 24, 2014

I never really appreciated that a hairbrush was any different than a comb. I always thought that the round hairbrushes were created to only add to the hair-fall, instead of doing any goodness to the hair.

But as I grew up, I realized that the round hairbrushes aren't bad at all. It was just the way I used them, with my tiny, not-so-confident hands.

Later, I used one of my elder cousin's brushes, and I liked it.
But I wasn't able to make out whether it was the brush, or that I had a good-hair-day.

Anyway, it was the brush; the flat hairbrush.

I got this brush by Vega for Rs. 165. I wanted a black one, but they did not have it in this type. So I settled for a golden and black. (Golden-Black combination isn't bad after all.)
Vega is one of the top brands that sell hair-combs and hairbrushes in India.

So the real question is, are these hairbrushes good?

If you are an expert in managing your hair, then you don't need to read this further. But if you're a beginner like me, then go ahead. Maybe you would experience the same after reading this?

The round hairbrushes are good for curling. Or I don't really know if it has any other use. The thing I hate about the round ones are that lot of hair strands have the probability to get stuck in between the teeth of the brush.
They're ideal while you are curling your hair, or maybe giving soft curls, waves, or locks towards the tips.

While your hair is damp, use these round brushes on them, with a blow-dryer, for soft curls.

The flat hairbrushes are my favourite. And I love the new purchase.

Though flat hairbrushes, like the round ones, can make your hair fall, they're arguably better.
Flat brushes have the charm of bringing instant volume to your hair.

For instance, my hair wasn't the best today; it was oily. But I tried this brush, and the effect was so good. Though the crown area wasn't really oil-free, the rest of my mane was perfect (or at least, perfect enough to step out of the house).

I tried the brush when my hair was oily. Now I'm going to try it on the moist hair (though the hairstylists at the salons do), while I blow-dry them. I'm sure my hair is going to transform voluminously.


What are your views about hairbrushes? Have you tried them?

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