How to Style 'Revealing' Clothes — A Fashion Guide for Shorts, Dresses & Tank Tops

by - October 07, 2023

Well, I get asked a lot how to pair a certain type of 'revealing' top and what inners one should wear. In fact, my female followers also ask me to help them with the strapless bra links. I write this post for those young and older women both who wish to come out of their comfort zone and wear clothes that are 'beyond the permitted' kinds. Take this guide as a stepping stone to cross that border. 

For those who do not believe in the concept of 'revealing', let me add a few more words to describe what I mean and for what kind of audience this post is. 

Most of the women in my list come from humble backgrounds where they cannot pull off clothes that are too short or that show their arms. Examples of these clothes could be tank tops, shorts, dresses, tube tops, bikinis, swimsuits, and more. 

But they're so passionate about looking and feeling good that they already know they would look darling in these clothes, yet need someone to guide them on this journey to freedom. 

I made an Instagram post talking about the most common clothes and how one can style them in order to look and feel confident. I then thought, why not write an extensive post on the blog for those who need additional tips. 


Firstly, it definitely sounds wrong when we call certain type of clothes 'revealing'. I understand it's every individual's right to wear whatever they feel, but for the general society, for what the norm still is, if you see the wider picture, let's label these clothes as 'revealing' for the sake of this post.

Keeping the rights and wrongs aside, let's talk about different clothes and how to style them in order to feel the most confident. 

If you wanna wear shorts...

  • Choose comfortable tops — Wearing tight tops on tight shorts can be tough to carry if you're new to this game and conscious about your body. I suggest picking the most comfortable of your tops and tees to pair with your shorts.
  • Throw a stylish cardigan in case you want to wear strappy tops or tube tops.
  • Oversized t-shirts or tunics look sporty yet chic at the same time.
  • One TPCG Tip would be to ensure the shorts are wide near the thighs as tighter the shorts, the more uncomfortable you feel. 

If you wanna wear strappy tops...

    Strappy, tank or racer-backs, whatever you want to call them, styling these can be a task for those who are conscious about their arms and breasts. So how to style these?

    • Go for loose bottoms — Whether it's a pair of joggers, shorts, harem pants, or a skirt, body-fitting strappy tops look really good when paired with loose bottoms.
    • An oversized shirt acts as a great cover-up in case you lose confidence over time. 
    • Ensure you choose the right bra — A good strapless bra that gives fuller, round breasts can boost your confidence. 
    • Know what neckline & sleeve style make you more confident — If thinner straps work for your upper body, wear more of those.

    If you wanna wear a dress...

    • If you’re not confident, simply go for an A-line dress — These dresses are body-fitting until the waist and then flow outwards giving a playful look. Even if you go for mini dresses, every body type will still look wow in these dresses.
    • A tummy-tucker or a body-shaper could be tried — I neither promote using an external accessory to hide the belly fats nor not exercising to control it. But in case you have belly fats today and want to wear a dress, you can try opting shape-wears. 
    • If the dress appears loose, wear a for a waist belt.
    • Go for seamless panties or thongs to hide the panty lines seen from a bodycon dress.

    If you wanna wear a skirt...

    • Go for skater skirts as they suit all body types. 
    • Tuck in a shirt to give that playful vibe or tie a knot at the bottom of the shirt.
    • Avoid longer skirts, but if you do have one, either pair crop tops or oversized t-shirts on those.
    • Tummy tuckers can be worn.
    • Go for seamless panties or thongs to hide the panty lines seen from a bodycon skirt.

    If you wanna wear a tube top...

    • Go for loose bottoms — The same rule applies here that applies to the strappy tops.
    • Carry a short shawl which you can place on your arms from behind for that elegant date night look.
    • Both tight and loose cardigans go well with tube tops.
    • Ensure your top is neither loose nor tight to avoid an ill-fitting look. 
    • Choose the right bra — A bra can make or break a look. Invest in a good one. 
    Yet again, you can choose to wear whatever and pair whatever with any kind of clothing. This blog post is only for those who are still figuring it out. 

    Hope this guide helped you. In case there are more pieces you have on mind, do comment below or reach out to me on, and I'll try my best to pass on a fashion advice for the same. 

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