8 Types of Shoes Every Girl Must Own

by - June 17, 2019

At some point in time, every girl decides to get a wardrobe revamp. From clothing must-haves to classic jewellery, I'm sure you're hunting for fashion advice on the internet right now. I had been through this phase when gradually I built my wardrobe. From owning t-shirts from the men's section to finally having all that it takes to remain fashionable, my wardrobe has sure gone through a major reformation. If you knew me before I turned who I am today, I'm sure you would be surprised. From someone who wore loose t-shirts with slippers or canvas sneakers, now my shoe rack has a variety of shoes fit for different occasions and different moods. 

If you're looking for some shoe fashion advice, then continue reading.


Ballet flats are a go-to formalwear option for many women. If you don't have a classic pair, I suggest you view more options to buy shoes online. You shall get a variety from velvet to suede fabric and from leather to rubber. Pick a pair with cute embellishments such as a studded square or a bow.
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These are the most basic type I'm sure you own already. A pair of flip-flops ideal for the beach or for running errands or for simply travelling on long distance train journeys. There are plenty of beach flip-flops available in the market and if you don't own a cute one already, I think you should definitely buy one.

There are two types of flip-flops: the rough-and-tough one which I mentioned above and those that are cuter. These flip-flops go really well with fancier outfits as well as can add an oomph to any casual outfit. Such flip-flops or 'flats' suit dresses, jeans, or even laidback shorts.

If you don't have a pair of white sneakers, then what are you waiting for! Buy shoes that are well-fitted as I believe white sneakers go with any outfit. At some point in time, you'll be so surprised seeing that almost every other outfit you pick have white sneakers as these are simply too comfy. 
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Block heels are a classic pair of shoes you must own to pair with a nice summer dress. On simple occasions you can wear a pair of flats, however, to make a fashion statement, head for block heels or platform sandals instead. My pick would be tan, something in the brown shade as it goes well with most of the dresses. You should definitely buy shoes that are universal, meaning, they go with any dress you pick!

Irrespective of whether you are a fitness freak or not, every woman must own a pair of fitness shoes. If you don’t have one yet, buy shoes that are bright and fun. Almost every manufacturer out there produces bright coloured shoes such as pink, orange, purple, and so on. The best part of joggers is that along with using them as your fitness partners, you can even pair them with casual outfits, so whether it is simple jeans and tee or a tracksuit while visiting a theme park!

I have many friends who don’t own even one single pair of heels. Either their heels are too short (almost negligible) or they only prefer flats. Please buy shoes that have heels for fancier occasions. I get it, you’re not comfortable in heels; however, I’m sure you must have not tried all types of shoes! Please don’t give up until you find a perfect pair. Trust me, you’re gonna feel so much better after you own one. 
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Ahan! Being an Indian, you must already be owning a traditional pair that goes well with all the Indian outfits you have, so whether it's a pretty lehenga or a simple straight kurti. If you still wear those ugly black sandals, then please, I urge you to head out for shopping now!

Apart from the shoes mentioned above, you can even stock on boots, slip-on flats, gladiators, and ankle-strap shoes! What's your list of must-haves?

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