How to Prep up for your First International Trip

by - June 26, 2019

I remember, when I was a kid, international trips were afforded only by the rich and the lucky. When a person returned from another country, he/she got along chocolates and interesting goodies that truly deligted us. Back in those days, couples went within India for honeymooning but now when I go through my Instagram or Facebook list, I only see the newly weds flying off to Bali or Europe for their honeymoon. 

Affording a foreign trip has become quite easy these days. And if you're one of those who have never stepped out of the coutry's borders but are planning to really soon, here's a list of ways to prepare yourself for your first international trip –

First things first. Take multiple copies of your passport and place them in all your bags. Even if any of your bags is lost/stolen you will still have a copy in the other one and get back to your country safely. 
Also, ensure you leave a copy of the same at your home. The best is you can scan your passport and store it on your e-mail. You can have access to it whenever you want. 

No matter which country you’re visiting, you need travel insurance. Accidents do occur. Medical costs are very high in countries like the US, UK, and South East Asia. So it is advisable to have a travel insurance before leaving India to ensure peace of mind. Travel insurance covers you for the following:

  • Baggage Delay and Baggage Loss
  • Coverage of Medical Expenses
  • Personal Accident
  • Legal Liability
  • Financial Emergency Assistance
  • Loss of Passport
  • Travel Inconvenience

While traveling abroad, it is very obvious that you will need local cash to pay for cabs, shopping, street food, etc. You won’t get Indian rupee exchanged right away. Also, exchange rates in foreign banks are expensive. So, ensure that you get it done in India. 
You can also use a forex card which gives you even better exchange rates. And, if you fall short of cash you can use it in an ATM to withdraw.

Your Indian prepaid SIM card won’t work in other countries unless you activate international roaming package. The packages offered by operators like Airtel/Vodafone are really expensive. You can cut down your expensive bills by 80% with an international SIM card
Another option is to buy a local SIM, but again you have to go through documentation hassles and the risks of getting tricked by vendors at the airport. 

Carry homemade snacks which last for at least 7 days. This is very important tip for vegetarians. When you travel to places like Europe, chances are you might not get veg food, or food that might not suit your health. Falling sick eating junk is the last thing you’d want traveling abroad. So, carry something light and healthy. This way you also save a lot on food!

Language isn’t a problem if you’re visiting an English speaking country like the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand etc. However, countries like China, Japan, France, Spain, Portugal, etc. don’t speak English as their first language. 
So, learning local phrases such as “Thank-you”, “Sorry”, “Where”, “What”, and a few other will make it easier for you to communicate with the locals. 

Save the map of the country you’re planning to visit. Just in case if you get lost and not in network, Google offline map will be the savior. Alternatively, you can also purchase a guidebook when you land.

I'm truly excited to know where you're travelling. Please mention in the comments below

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