Hi, I'm glad you want to know me more! Firstly, I welcome you to my world, my blog.

I am Rutuja, a 29-year-old who lives with a dream of travelling across India and exploring every nook of it. I believe the country has a lot to offer, ranging from snowclad mountains to pristine, clear beaches. I have a home in Mumbai, India, but am not confined by its boundaries. I am a Himachali when in the mountains of the north and a Malayalee when in the laps of the south. I am a Rajasthani when on the sandy carpet of the west, and a Khasi when drenching under the rains of the east. To sum it up, I am an Indian, who is set to explore my motherland and showcase its rich diversity to the world.

I started this blog, theprettycitygirl.com, seven years ago with only one aim: to share my experiences with the world. I started off as a lifestyle blogger, majorly focussing on organisation and study tips and helped a lot of students (psst, I was a consistent college topper). Later, I branched out to blogging tips, tech, fashion, and product reviews, while simultaneously building up my travel diaries along. The first travel diary published was a success and highlighted my 30-day stay in Shanghai, China. I went on covering my travels, ranging from day trips to long backpacking expeditions. 

I realized I needed to convert my passion for travelling into something constructive and so shifted my blog niche from lifestyle alone to travel and lifestyle


I've been travelling ever since I was a kid. Every alternate month, my parents and their siblings used to take us to lakes, dams, resorts, and parks. I believe the travel bug in me was conceived during those days. 

The travelling continued in the form of school picnics, which were a day long, and then the college industrial visits that went beyond a week. Meanwhile, the family getaways to devotional places in India or an international trip went on.

Of late, last year, I went on a 40-day solo trip around India covering 15+ cities in all five directions of the country.  

I hope to guide you with my life tips and entertain you with my stories and experiences. Thanks once again for stopping by!
Contact me at rutujabhagwat10@gmail.com to say hello!

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