Airport Outfit Ideas for Women

by - May 19, 2019

I simply love going through airport style! So whether it is someone from Bollywood such as Deepika Padukone or a model like Miranda Kerr, I just can't get enough of these pictures. Probably travel outfits are one of my favourites to watch because of how comfortable they are. I keep on scrolling through effortless travel style on Pinterest or Google and can't keep myself calm after seeing those. I relate with travel outfits since I'm travelling most of the time, and if you ask me what is my go-to look, this definitely should be it.

In this post, I am going to encourage you to buy tops for women (because I believe, nothing can be as snug as a t-shirt when you're travelling on a flight), shop comfy sneakers, layer your outfit so that you stay warm yet look chic, and a few easy travel outfit ideas.

I agree that some celebs love embracing the bling even when they're on the go but that's because they have cameras waiting outside to have them clicked as soon they exit the airport. And though that's not the case with us, we all love dressing up, especially on flights where we flaunt our boarding pass and take a cute mirror selfie. Also, don't we love posting our airport style with a cup of Costa? We've all been there.

Irrespective of whether this is your first time boarding a flight or the first time when you're looking for some airport outfit inspiration, you're at the right place...


When we talk about airport style, it includes all the basics such as sneakers or a pair of slip-ons or maybe the prettiest tops for women, or even a layer to keep you warm. To share a gist, here's a list of what you need in general to look like your favourite blogger or your favourite actress while at the airport:

  • A tote or a backpack
  • A pair of sneakers or lazy-girl slip-ons
  • Leggings...whichever colour matches your outfit
  • Super comfortable t-shirt (Check out tops for women to get the latest trend)
  • A top layer...a jacket, a sweatshirt, a name it!
  • A scarf/shawl
Once you have the basics right, the next step is simply to go wardrobe-hunting. Pick out the best of the clothing that you have sitting in your closet or well, a little shopping doesn't hurt, does it? The rule, however, while picking your airport outfit is simple: Keep it stylish and comfortable.

PS All the products and their images are taken from the internet. I do not claim copyright to any. 
PPS These outfits are for reference purpose only.

Outfit 1 – Casual Chic
This outfit might take a little longer to compile but once it's together, you're going to rock that airport look. All you need to do is hunt cute tops for women, a pastel cardi (probably woollen), a matching tote, and some stylish sliders!

Outfit 2 – I Woke Up Like This
Joggers are the latest trend sported by celebs and the like. I've never seen people look so glam in joggers until this was seen on celebrities. For a laid back airport look, simply wear a pair of joggers, a hoodie, and glam up a little by adding some metal accessories and a pair of slip-on sliders.

Outfit 3 – Comfort First
Honestly, most of us just want to feel relaxed and we weigh comfort over style any day. If that's you, I guess, you probably know what you will be wearing. A pair of extremely soft leggings, some nice sneakers, and a back to school carry-on, yep, that's right.

Outfit 4 – Rockstar
Next outfit is for the lovers of tops for women and rock n roll. Just wear any white tee, throw on some coloured leggings and top it up with a leather jacket. This airport outfit instantly makes you look twice fashionable than anyone around you!

Outfit 5 – The 'It' Girl
You can absolutely look relaxed yet put together if you know the right colours. Even if your clothes are basic, you can totally style it up by adding the likes of tans and golds. Finally, round it up with a vivid colour such as mustard or deep orange.

Which outfit did you like the most?

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