Hair Care Routine for Smooth, Nourished, Bouncy Hair

by - May 07, 2019

I am not naturally blessed with good hair. I have a smooth texture, which adds to the beauty of it, however, my hair is not dense enough. I was born with wavy hair but now when you look at them, they’re straight! From wavy, they turned into straight, and nobody knows how! It’s been more than one and a half years since I did cysteine treatment and yet till today, they remain straight! God. Knows. How. 

I always wanted straight hair since I was in school. Then in junior college, I finally went to a salon to straighten them and since then, there was no looking back. I did get glimpses of my old wavy hair between two hair straightening treatments but it’s been more than three years since I straightened/smoothened them and they’re doing surprisingly great. 

So, what are the hair products I use? What is my current hair care routine that has helped me transform my hair from wavy to straight?

I have been trying out a new hair care routine for the last three weeks. I’ve used a particular product on my hair thrice and loved the way my hair feel and appear now. They're smooth, silky, straight, and manageable. (Psst! My hair turned straight since a long time now and it has got nothing to do with the new hair care routine I've shared below. I shall write another post talking about my journey from wavy to straight hair and all the products/things I did that helped me transform my hair.)

This routine does not guarantee straight hair but definitely, you can achieve smooth, nourished bouncy hair. Read on further to know the step-by-step hair care routine along with the hair products I use to achieve the result.



Take 1 tbsp coconut oil on the palm. Slit open a Biolo capsule and empty the oil on the palm. Mix the two oils with your finger and apply the mix on the scalp. Massage. Keep the oil on your hair overnight. 


Shampooing: Next morning, shampoo your hair like usual. It might so happen that the oil does not come off and people complain about that. Even I was a victim of it. However, I have a trick that ensures the oil does come off. What you have to do is, take the shampoo on palm and directly apply it to your scalp/hair. Massage the shampoo religiously as though you are cleaning something. Add a little water to the scalp and continue cleansing. Apply more shampoo if required. Once you feel that the oil is off (and most likely it will be since the oil is not on your strands but only on the scalp), stop the shampooing. 

Conditioning: Next comes the conditioner. I have observed that the more the conditioner I use, the softer the hair becomes. This does not mean you should apply more than what is required. But if you've been using less conditioner, then I must tell, use a proper amount of it to get the best results. Keep the conditioner on for a few minutes while you continue showering. Rinse off the conditioner using cold water for maximum moisturisation. 


Lastly, after towel-drying your hair, take a pea amount of hair serum on your palms and spread it across the strands. Ensure to keep the crown area/scalp out of serum since that part naturally receives oil and you don't need extra conditioning there. Once you have applied the serum, take a wide-toothed comb and brush throughout the strands. In case you need to tie hair for some reason, just lightly make a bun near your neck and put on a hair clip. Avoid using hair rubber. When you use a hair clip, you get nice soft waves, making your hair look really beautiful!


Parachute 100% Pure Coconut Oil
Instead of coconut oil, you can use any oil of your choice. I personally prefer coconut oil over almond or any other. However, people do suggest using coconut oil with these capsules. The coconut oil by Parachute is 100% pure and I believe the oil extracted from coconuts truly suit Indian hair type.

Kingbang Biolo Hair Soften Essence Capsules
There are many companies selling these hair soften essence capsules, however, I just chanced upon the one sold by Kingbang. The capsules are made in China so you might pause a little before buying. This product is a recent addition to my hair care routine. I have tried it thrice and got beautiful results so far. (If at all in future I don't find the product worthy, I shall edit this part and update you too.) There are usually 60 capsules in one bottle and it is advisable to complete the entire course for best results. The capsules contain vitamin E and aloe vera extracts. Please consult your doctor if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or have any illness. 

Defabulous 'Reviver' Hair Repair Shampoo + Conditioner
I've been using this shampoo and conditioner duo by Defabulous since August of 2017. Of late, I did think of changing my shampoo, however, I never gave up my hopes on this one. The duo was recommended by my hair stylist when I'd undergone cysteine treatment in August 2017. The best part about it is the non-sulfate formula. The product does not lather and your hair becomes straighter. Though it means the volume of your hair looks reduced, the overall look is really flattery. You can use this Defabulous 'Reviver' Hair Repair duo or go for your regular shampoo. I recommend a non-sulfate formula though!

Streax Vita Riche Gloss Hair Serum (blue coloured bottle)
Honestly, I bought this only because it was for Rs 180. All other hair serums were expensive and I did not want to invest in a hair serum just yet. I believe all the hair serums are more or less similar so I thought of going for a brand that sold the cheapest hair serum in the market. You can go for any other serum according to your preference!


  • Apart from the above-mentioned hair care routine, I also treat my hair with a homemade hair mask for smooth and bouncy hair. The hair mask is free of cost and includes ingredients readily available at your home. 
  • If you want to go for salon treatments, then the cysteine treatment or keratin treatment are good options. Though in cysteine, the volume appears to have reduced, I personally love it. 
  • Other hair care tips include combing hair once a day, washing hair post swimming (whether on a beach or a pool), treating the hair with homemade hair masks whenever you feel your hair are damaged. 
  • Tying a braid, especially if you have long hair. 
  • Oiling hair before every wash. 
  • Avoiding chemicals on hair. 
  • Using a sufficient amount of moisturising products such as conditioner, hair serum, mousse, homemade hair mask, etc
  • Trying out vitamin E oil or consulting a doctor for the best care of your hair.

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Disclaimer: This hair care routine personally works great on my hair and I do not guarantee any magical effects. If you're pregnant or are suffering from any illness, consult a doctor. I can't really say whether the hair colour stays intact, so try this routine on your own risk. I have used the Biolo capsules only thrice till now so I don't vouch for them confidently. After all, it is a Chinese product. 

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