Goodbye Frizzy Hair! – Homemade Hair Mask for Smooth & Bouncy Hair

by - August 24, 2018

Whether undergoing cysteine treatment or straightening my hair, I always find a way eventually with which I can make my tresses look and feel good. If you see my hair––may it be in pictures or in reality––you would possibly not think I have done anything to my hair. They just look natural. You possibly won't think I have smoothened or straightened them because I don't like displaying that. I treat my hair as though I have not undergone any treatment whatsoever. I have become a pro in understanding what my hair requires and how I need to condition them in order to get the desired result. 

Recently, about two months back, I coloured my hair for the very first time. I had never even tried henna on hair before so this was like a big deal for me. I continued using the same shampoo and conditioner I used on my cysteine treated hair and thought that things would work fine. However, gradually, my hair lost all its shine and softness, and with a lot of travelling (Psst! Monsoon + waters from other regions), my hair looked dry, dull, lifeless,  absurdly thick, and rough. After shampooing, sometimes the oil from my scalp would retain and sometimes, hair would turn dry.

Maybe I should have quietly agreed to my hair stylist and buy the shampoo-conditioner she had recommended. But I had recently purchased a brand new bottle of DeFabulous shampoo (the one I have been using for a year) and so I wanted to pause before I make another huge purchase. It was a mistake on my part and I agree. Using some other shampoo not only toned down the colour of my hair but did not provide the necessary nutrition it required. Over the last eight years, I have straightened my hair once, smoothened twice, and undergone cysteine treatment but this was the first time I did something and refrained from using the recommended shampoo and conditioner. This is also the first time when my hair looked damaged. 

So I wondered what could be done. I had done cysteine last August, exactly a year ago, and was bending towards doing it again. But my friends suggested me to try homemade treatments before chemically treating hair again. And I agreed. Yesterday I was researching online as to what could be done to get back the previous shine and smoothness, and seeing the list of ingredients required in one particular hair mask, I was over joyous. I mixed the ingredients, asked my mom to apply the mask on my hair and then washed it to get completely transformed hair. Trust me, my hair was so damaged, I disliked looking at myself in the mirror. 

But finally, now my hair is back to normal (rather, even better) and yes, I have bought a new shampoo and conditioner meant for coloured hair, so I think I should relax now!


4 tbsp aloe vera
3 tbsp curd
2 tbsp carrier oil (coconut oil)

Stir the ingredients well to achieve a smooth consistency and apply the mask to hair as well as the scalp using a brush or your fingers. Secure your hair with a shower cap or simply clip them up. Allow the mask to sit on your hair for 30 minutes and then rinse using your shampoo. Smear a conditioner, wait for about 3-5 minutes, and then rinse using cold water. (I used the DeFabulous Reviver Hair Repair Shampoo and Conditioner.) Pat dry your hair and later allow them to dry naturally. (I did not use a hair serum as I wanted to see how well this mask works. You can use a serum to add more shine to your strands.)

Try this mask once every two weeks or whenever your hair runs out of hands. I am thinking of applying this mask after each of my trips since my hair needs a nutrition boost post-trip; the water from other regions and the crazy winds there make my hair crazier too!

Which is your trusted anti-frizz hair mask?

CAUTION: This hair mask might not prevent your hair colour from fading and in fact, might even result in toning down the shade of your hair colour further, so please apply the mask on your own risk. This mask has worked wonders on my hair; precisely why I'm sharing it with you. 

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