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by - August 16, 2017

I was unaware of cysteine treatment until I saw a friend with magically transformed hair. I saw a change in the texture and overall quality in her Instagram pictures, so I immediately messaged her asking if she had done anything. That's when cysteine treatment was introduced to me.

She told me everything about it––right from the expense to the maintenance––and oh boy, it was expensive! I stalked her Instagram pictures even further to determine whether the cost and the after effect matched on any level. I did think that the cysteine treatment was a little more pricey after analysing. I searched for more cysteine treated hair online, went through more pictures, and came to a conclusion: let's try it out once. I went to the nearest hair studio for consultation and cost. Since the salon had newly opened, a 30% discount was ongoing there. 

I also wanted to go for a bob cut, so the cost for cysteine treatment dropped down as for neck-length hair, the cost was Rs. 6,000, and after discount, plus including a haircut, my final amount was Rs. 4,500 only. 

Anyone who has done a cysteine treatment for a higher cost would totally be envious of me right now because doing it for such a low price is just unbelievable. 

So before I begin talking about my cysteine hair story, let me share some facts I gathered via online research and through my friend and the hair stylist.

Our hair includes a protein known as cysteine. It is responsible to make our hair look like those of celebs. The starting cost for cysteine treatment is Rs. 6,000 and goes higher as your length increases. The maintenance, as told by my friend, even includes something as bizarre as using mineral water instead of tap water, but hey, you may chill, as it's fine even if you don't!
Cysteine treatment lasts only for about four to six months, which is the biggest drawback of this treatment according to me. Other maintenance includes using cysteine shampoo and conditioner and not oiling your hair. But the latter was dismissed by my stylist as he said it was okay to sparingly use hair oil.

These were some of the facts I gathered that could hopefully solve all your doubts. Here goes my story: So I went to the Shiva's salon at 4:20 pm on a Sunday and I was relieved by 9:20 pm (of course on the same day). So in short, the entire process of cysteine treatment required 5 hours only (psst, including the haircut!). 


This is what the process of cysteine treatment is:
1. The stylist washes your hair using the cysteine shampoo twice. My stylist used the ProteinKera Cysteine shampoo on me.
2. Then he blow-dries your hair (and in my case, he also chopped my hair into a bob cut).
3. He then applies cream and let it sit for 30 to 45 minutes. He had covered my hair with a plastic foil because the air conditioner was right near me. 
4. Without washing, he then combs your hair, while simultaneously blow-drying them.
5. He then straightens your hair and let them sit for an hour. 
6. Finally, he washes your hair using the ProteinKera Cysteine shampoo and blow-dries it, while styling alongside.

The cysteine shampoo and conditioner duo I purchased is the DeFabulous Revival Hair Repair. Priced at Rs. 1,100 each, I got them at Rs. 1,000 per bottle from a wholesaler. So I saved Rs. 200 on the same. 


Honestly, I always had smooth textured hair so for me the effect is not as gorgeous as the treatment claims to bring. Besides, since I went for a bob cut too, analysing how my hair was before and how they are now is a little difficult to tell. Sure, there is a difference, but people would not point it out since my hair was somewhat good before I got them treated. For instance, people would immediately point out the hair that went from dull to darling. But in my case, people pointed out that I had taken a haircut!
So if you have smooth hair already, I don't recommend going for this treatment, but if they're damaged, then I would say, try it once. It's gonna cost a bomb, but if it works out for you, then at least you would have super gorgeous hair all around the year. For people with frizzy, dry hair, the treatment's gonna do wonder! 

Now, after washing my hair at home, I see that my hair are smooth, manageable, frizz-free, and have a creamy look. The bob cut that you see in the above picture is no longer the same but is pleasingly smooth now. So I say, the ball is now in your court; you can go for cysteine treatment and get a glimpse of cysteine hair yourself or you may choose to skip it.

If you have any query related to this, please feel free to ask me. I would love to answer any question related to cysteine treatment!

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  1. Hi Rutuja...your article was very helpful to me. I have got my cysteine treatment done today itself. Although I am enjoying the straight look of my hair they are looking poker straight and not like when we iron at home. They are also looking thinner. Is it because I hacnt washed them yet? The salon lady told me that I will have to wash it tomorrow. I am worried as it shouldn't look too thin after washing. It doesnt look so thin with regular ironing. Can you please help?

  2. May I know which products were used for your cysteine treatment..??

  3. Does it reduce thé bounce or volume of thé hair ? I dont want to have a flat-ironed look.

    1. Yes it reduces the bounce/volume. Tell your stylist beforehand that you don't want a flat-ironed look but a natural look

  4. Is it okay to keep getting it done every six months?

    1. Hi, it typically lasts for 8 to 12 months. So you can do it once every month <3

  5. I cover my grey roots with ammonia free color. Is it ok to do that post cysteine treatment?


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