Lip Balm is Good

by - August 28, 2017

If you're someone who is least interested in makeup and dismisses lip balm as a makeup product, then let me tell you, a lip balm is not a makeup product. It is a necessity; it is a skincare product and should be with you all the time. 

Back in the day, I was a girl who hated lip balm because I thought it was too feminine. I used to hate those girls who wore it and used to hate those girls, even more, who carried a lip balm with them. 

However, gradually I realized that a lip balm is much more than a product to add gloss to your lips. I realized that lip balm is supposed to be applied by those humans that have dry or pale lips, irrespective of the gender. I cannot emphasize on just how important a lip balm is.

I'm not saying this because it's obvious, but because I have experienced it myself. I always had a set of dry puckers that looked ugly. My lips usually turn pale and dry when I'm tired, dehydrated or cold. Majority of times, I am either tired or dehydrated, so you would always find my lips dull and sometimes flaky too.

But ever since I've started applying lip balm (and not just applying, but also started carrying a lip balm), I've noticed a significant change in my lips. I don't prefer the tinted lip balms so I always go with the colourless ones. Now if you see my lips, you would find them soft and without any peel off. As far as the colour is concerned, since the original colour of my lips is baby pink, the colour is intact; the lips don't look pale, but hydrated. 

I am currently using the Maybelline Baby Lips Watermelon Smooth colourless lip balm and I apply it once in the morning and then touch it up after lunch. By following this short routine, my lips are blessed with moisture. Now I wear lip balm every time I decide to go with colourless lips. It's a healthy alternative for lipsticks, I feel. 

So all you women who think lip balms are totally girly, then think again. I urge you to try wearing a lip balm for a month and see the beautiful transformation it brings. 

Are you a lip balm lady?

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