Vanavidhi Coconut Thai Spa Face Wash | Review

by - August 21, 2017

 I think I was too fortunate to come across this Vanavidhi Coconut Thai Spa face wash. I had received this sample in my Reverie Feel Box. It's hard to tell what I loved the most about it because honestly, I rate it a 5/5.

Vanavidhi is a brand of luxurious organic products. I would review their Green Tea Spa Darjeeling Mild Brew scrub soon, so stay tuned for that. But for now, let's swim across the review of their coconut natural face wash.


The packaging of this sample bottle gives a rich look to the product. The cap is golden and the bottle is transparent; both of it are of plastic. The best thing about this bottle is the reusability; we can reuse the bottle once the product is over. This is a perfect travel sized bottle, so filling it with your daily essentials like face wash or lotion would make it an ideal travel buddy.
The brand name is embossed in gold, which just uplifts the product packaging.


The application is simple. Just take a little amount of the product on your palm, put some water, make a foam, and apply on the face! 


I haven't used a face wash this delicate on skin. The fragrance of the coconuts takes you on a dreamy tropical tour. The skin becomes so smooth, and along with bringing a healthy glow to the face, all the makeup, dirt, and oil is washed away too. 


- High-grade fragrance
- Super cleansing
- Travel-friendly (because it's a sample)
- Classy packaging
- Unbelievably smooth skin
- Beautiful glow


- Expensive


Highly recommended! By far the best face wash I have used. It gives a rich cleansing that leaves behind a soft supple skin with a baby-like glow. If ever I increase my budget, I'm sure to purchase this. I use it usually when I have a long day with makeup on the face. It magically takes away all the dirt. I'm in utter love with it and use it only on special occasions. If your skin requires some pick-me-up from time to time, then this product is worth every penny.


WEIGHT: 30ml
PRICE: Rs. 990 for 100ml

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