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by - February 04, 2020

When Deyga approached me to try their products, I couldn't deny. Just by looking at the ingredients and pictures, I understood that it's a brand that uses no chemicals while manufacturing their products. The list included all-natural ingredients such as organic shea butter, almond oil, olive oil, natural beeswax, etc. 

I've come across many brands adding chemicals or unnatural ingredients to their products, but the products by Deyga are so organic, so pure, I had to give them a try. I went through their website and picked three products that were of immediate use to me. I decided to compile my thoughts for all the three products and talk about how I use them and why I picked them, including general information such as ingredients and cost. 

I was looking out for a toner for a long time but I wanted something that was natural and sans chemicals. I'm so glad I bumped into Deyga's Rose Water Toner as it happened to arrive at the right time. I had a facial scrub but lacked a toner. My pores had widened due to travelling and the overall ignorance of skincare from my end. Even the beauticians at salons had pointed out my wide pores. The last toner I'd tried was not natural so I stopped using it midway. But there's nothing wrong that can go with Deyga's Rose Water toner because it's 100% pure steam distilled rosewater. 

Their toner is a natural astringent thus leading to tightening of pores and reducing oiliness. Along with that, you already know how rosewater is the perfect way to hydrate a dull face. This means I can carry it on my travels to get a fresh face every now and then. I also tried taking off makeup using this and it worked really well. My facial skin had a healthy glow, you know, the one you get after facial-treatments at salons. I felt instantly refreshed and the soothing rose aroma did a fantastic job to ease out the stress. Another feature of Deyga Rose Water toner is that it balances the skin's pH. 

What I loved is that the product does not make your face grimy like other toners do. In fact, it moisturises and brings out a healthy glow on your skin. When I wiped my face using a cotton pad, I could see dust accumulated on it. So the rosewater toner helps in taking off pollutants and dust, which again is fascinating!

How to use rosewater toner / How I use Deyga rose water toner :
  • For hydration and refreshment, I simply spray the toner on my face after I've washed it using a face wash or a cleanser. I then let the goodness of rosewater seep in my pores for a few seconds and then lightly dab all over my face. I let it naturally dry out. 
  • For removing makeup, I spray the toner on a cotton pad and quickly wipe over my face. Another better and economical way is to spray the toner all over the face and then wipe off the makeup using a cotton pad. 
  • For closing pores, I spray the toner after I have scrubbed the face. I then apply a moisturiser to complete the ritual. 

Cost: Rs 430 for 100 ml.

I might have a product for almost all parts of my body but for the lips, I just have a lip balm and a large collection of lipsticks. You might say lip balms are good for your lips but are they natural? They have loads of unnatural ingredients only moisturising your lips. Imagine, all the unnatural product going in your stomach as you eat (or well, as you kiss). I really think going for an organic lip product is way better than going for a commercial one. 

The Deyga Strawberry Lip Scrub contains all the natural ingredients to exfoliate your lips. It doesn't take off moisturise while you exfoliate; in fact, the lip scrub moisturisers your lips, taking away the dead skin. I also noticed a healthy pink tint on my lips and a more pumped up look. The scrub is made out of ingredients such as organic shea butter, avocado and almond oils, vitamin E, sugar, and strawberries, of course! 

The only thing I did not like about it is that YOU FEEL LIKE EATING THE STRAWBERRY LIP SCRUB!! It's so delicious with the goodness of strawberries and sugar that I find it too difficult to move my tongue over the lips. Jokes apart, the Deyga Strawberry Lip Scrub is too yummy. The fact that it is natural relieves me to know that I can eat food without worrying whether the product goes in or not. However, you must take it off after you're done scrubbing.

How to use / How I use Deyga Strawberry Lip Scrub :
  • Exfoliate your lips gently using the scrub, preferably in a circular motion. Don't forget the corner of your lips! Post scrubbing, just wipe off the product using water. You can finish the lip care routine by using a natural lip balm. 
  • I use the lip scrub whenever my lips look pale and need some pick-me-up. 

Cost: Rs 290 for 20 g.

My facial skin is quite sensitive to creamy products, which is why I hesitate to try sunscreens that are creamy. I had visited a dermatologist and she recommended a particular sunscreen that I use as of today. However, I use the sunscreen on my face only and not the body. I was hunting for a product which is au-naturel, meaning, does not have any unnatural ingredients. I bumped into the Deyga Sunscreen UVA SPF 30 and reading its list of ingredients (raspberry seed, carrot seed, almond, vitamin E, and sunflowers oils, natural zinc oxide, shea butter, and beeswax), I immediately added it to my cart. 

The product is fragrance-free, paraben-free, 100% natural, and contains no oxybenzone or octinoxate. It's a broad-spectrum sunscreen that provides protection from UVA and UVB rays. The natural mineral of zinc oxide reflects the sun rays back from the exposed skin. The shea butter soothes irritation and repairs signs of sun damage such as sunspots. The olive oil conditions skin.

I'll definitely carry the product on my travels but won't use it on my face because I already have a sunscreen for that purpose. But, but, I did use the Deyga Sunscreen UVA SPF 30 on the tiny pigmentation marks on the bridge of my nose, hoping to lighten them. 

How to use Deyga Sunscreen UVA SPF 30 :
  • Apply the sunscreen on the exposed body parts 15-30 minutes prior to sun exposure. Follow up with talcum powder to get a smooth, matte look. 
Cost: Rs 600 for 100 ml. 

Overall, Deyga brand has really impressed me with its natural and pure products. And the fact that they're handmade delights me because it just means utmost patience and craft have been used to manufacture such an organic collection of skincare products. Even the packaging, though simple, tells us the brand is natural. I definitely recommend the brand, especially the strawberry lip scrub and the rose water toner. 

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