What I Packed for my 40-Day Solo Trip Around India | One Month Travel Packing Guide

by - January 17, 2020

During my 40-day solo trip around India, many people were curious to know how I packed all my stuff into a stroller and a laptop backpack. The rule was to pack tops that went well with all the bottoms so that I could mix and match. Also, there are several tricks such as using quick-dry clothes, wearing panty liners every day to repeat underwears and washing clothes using detergent sachets to get fresh clothes on sunny days. 

I did not have any specific capsule where I had a particular number decided (as in, how many tops to carry or how many bottoms to carry). I simply picked outfits and then ensured I could mix and match each piece of clothing for creating more outfits.

One thing you cannot do on solo trips, especially when you're visiting 10+ cities in 40 days, is packing too many fashionable items. So to ensure I look stylish, especially in city sightseeings, I had packed three sunglasses and dressier tops. I would have carried lesser clothes if I wasn't a travel blogger and vlogger. Because I feel it's important to look presentable in front of the camera, so I have to pack dressier tops.

So yeah, here's a list of all the things I packed for one month solo trip, (which actually totalled up to 40 days). Check out my one month solo packing guide-

Tops x 4
I had carried four tops (one shirt and three tank tops) that I wore for sightseeing in the cities. I made sure every top paired well with the bottoms.

Tees x 5
I'd packed casual, cotton tees that can be reused for multiple occasions such as adventure activities, travelling on a plane/bus/train, exploring the markets, grocery shopping, or if a situation arises, then for sleeping in. I used these tees for sightseeing too.

Full-sleeve tee x 1
I had packed additional full-sleeve tee for the hill station. This is when it wasn't cold to wear a sweater, but was slightly chilly to cover my arms.

Jeans x 1
Just one pair of jeans that paired well with all the tops I was carrying. (Yes, I did wash my jeans twice on the trip.)

Hiking/Adventure pants x 1
For every trip, there's always a day when you hike, camp or trek. Whatever the itinerary, having a pair of adventure pants is a must. And if they're of quick-dry material, then that's even better. Hiking/adventure pants can be used while on the transit too. I used my pair a lot; they were comfortable, had many pockets, and dried very quickly!

Leggings x 1
I should have carried more than one pair as I think nothing beats a pair of sturdy leggings.

Quick-dry pants x 1
And then on days when you visit a waterfall or a water body, you can wear your quick-dry pants. They can also be used while travelling and the fact that they dry off quickly makes it a splendid piece of clothing to pack on a long duration trip. I used mine while sightseeing and travelling.

Casual/fancy pants x 1
Fancy pair of bottoms to go with fancy tops. I'd carried one capri pant with a knot! 

Thermal top and bottom x 1 pair
I could have skipped carrying a thermal top and bottom as it wasn't that cold. But I'd packed in case it gets colder at nights. I did use the thermal bottom as leggings once in Tosh and the thermal top on Kheerganga camp. 

Down jacket x 1
I used a down jacket only once, on the top of Kheerganga. So unless you have a cold night out or a snowy adventure, you can skip carrying a down jacket.

Beanie is and always will be an important winter gear for me. Covering ears when it's windy is so crucial to ensure you don't fall sick on a long trip.

Sweatshirt/hoodie x 2
I carried a sweatshirt and a hoodie because I knew I would be needing them a lot. So whether it is on trains, flights, buses or for lounging at hostels/resorts, I've worn a sweatshirt/hoodie every time I was indoors!

Gloves x 1 pair
I used a pair of gloves only on Kheerganga top. I could have skipped carrying those but they didn't weigh a lot so I packed them nevertheless.

A shawl is a must whenever you know it's gonna be chilly. I'd used my shawl as a towel on Kheerganga top after bathing in hot water springs as I did not have a towel then.

Socks x a lot
There's no limit to how many pairs of socks to carry. Pack a few light, ankle-length ones and a few thick, longer ones. 

Flip-flops x 1 pair
The lightest, sturdiest, and flattest flip-flops are the perfect pick for travels. You can carry nice sandals instead. But be well prepared that they're not gonna last long!

Sports shoes x 1 pair
Always wear sports shoes when you're travelling. The rule is 'rucksack on your shoulder, shoes on your feet'. When rucksack is not on your shoulder, you can wear whatever footwear you want! I'd packed a pair of black Nike shoes.

I didn't carry a rucksack this time because it was a long duration trip and a solo. I didn't want to risk having sore shoulders so thought of skipping it this time. I'm usually a backpacker and not a stroller-traveller.

Laptop backpack
Everyone needs an additional backpack where you can store expensive belongings such as a laptop, wallet, iPad, camera, and kindle. This is what you keep with you all the time on the transit. So even if you misplace the big luggage, all your documents and expensive things are still with you. You can also use it as additional storage for keeping snacks, water, jacket, etc.

Shoulder bag for sightseeing, beach day, etc
And when you want to accelerate your look, you cannot simply carry your laptop backpack. So when you're sightseeing and have worn a cute outfit, you can carry a stylish tote or a nicer looking bag. I had carried a grey shoulder bag with tassels.

Extra 10-litre foldable backpack
And if you shop more souvenirs, you need extra storage space! That's when the tiny, 10-litre backpack will come handy. They're also a great substitute for your laptop backpack, in case you wanna go on an adventure but don't want to carry a big backpack.

Sunglasses x 3 
I believe, sunglasses are a major part of looking good while travelling, which is why I wore lenses throughout my trip so that I could wear sunglasses. Pack pairs that are versatile.

Headband x 1
And if you're into accessorising, another way to upgrade your travel look is by wearing headbands. 

Kimono x 1
To cover up post swimming as you sit by the pool or a waterbody.

Quick-dry top and shorts x 1 pair
If you're planning a beach trip, then carry more than one pair of quick-dry clothes.

Pyjamas x 2
You can swap pyjamas as per your mood. And once a while, just wash using the detergent powder you're carrying at the hotel/hostel.  

Tees x 2
Pack tees in a good condition so that you can wear them outdoors too.

And depending on the weather, pack monsoon gear! My trip started in September and ended in October so I had to pack monsoon gear such as
- Raincoat
- Backpack rain cover
- Plastic for stroller
- Umbrella 

Emergency first-aid in the backpack
- Period pain relief tablets (Dynapar Spas)
- Motion sickness tablets (Avomine)
- Mild cold tablets (No Cold)
- Pain killer tablets (Combiflam)
- Acidity relief (Pudin Hara)
- Acidity, gases relief (Eno)
- Diarrhoea tablets (B-quinol) 
- For weakness/b-complex pills (Becosules)
- Cotton
- Bandage
- Bandaids
- Mini sewing kit
- Safety pins, bobby pins

First-aid & medicines in the luggage
- Heavy cold tablets (Dolo)
- Cold relief balm (Vicks)
- Gases tablets
- Anti-septic liquid (Savlon)
- Cream for wet wounds and pimples (Soframycin)
- Pain relief spray (Volini)
- Pain relief balm (Amruntanjan)
- Mosquito repellant cream (Odomos)
- Sore throat relief candies (Strepsils, Cofsils)
- An extra stock of medicines from the emergency first-aid 

- Laptop, charger
- Mobile, charger
- Additional mobile
- Android cable
- Camera, charger
- Action camera
- Extra storage cards (and extra batteries)
- Multi-port charger
- Universal pin
- Earphones
- Speakers
- Waterproof mobile pouch

- Comb
- Moisturiser
- Sunscreen
- Lipstick x 1
- Kajal
- Talcum powder
- Shower gel
- Hygiene powder and wash
- Face wash
- Shampoo, conditioner, hair serum
- Lip balm
- Deodorant
- Toothbrush, toothpaste, mouth wash
- Hair ties x a lot

- Glasses x 2 pairs
- Reusable lenses, use & throw lenses, solution, and lens case
- Chain and lock-key for luggage
- Lighter and matchbox
- Swiss knife
- Diary + pens
- Novel
- Undergarments x a lot!
- Sanitary pads x 1 pack
- Panty liners x 30
- Napkins x 2, Handkerchieves x 2
- Towels (lightweight) x 2
- Detergent powder x 5 sachets
- Wet wipes x 2 packs
- Tissues x 3 packs
- Nail cutter
- Earrings x 2 pairs
- Razor
- Scissors
- Cotton (to put in ears)
- Cloves (for motion sickness)
- Japamala (for meditation)
- Scarf
- Wallet and debit cards
- Identity card
- Photocopy of itinerary and tickets
- Hangers x 2
- Rope
- Snacks
- Water bottle


Download one month travel packing free printable here.

So with this list, I'm hoping you become a pro-packer too. If you're going on a month long vacation, good luck and bravo!

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