True Elements Harippa Roasted Pumpkin Seeds {Honey} | Review

by - August 14, 2017

In my last month's Pixie Dust Box I had received a sample of True Elements' Harippa Roasted Sunflower Seeds in a chilli garlic flavour. I had written a separate review on it, and the True Elements team loved it so much that they sent a full sized product in a different variant. 

This one includes pumpkin seeds along with traces of sunflower, chia, and flax seeds (I'll list down the ingredients below). Contrary to the previous one I had reviewed, this has a sweet flavour because it is roasted in honey. Let's now read my take of this super healthy and super tasty snack.

The packaging is wondrous. I had liked their sample packaging too, so what I am sure of is that this brand concentrates a lot on the packaging. I admire brands that include packaging in their priority list. The snack comes in a sturdy plastic container with a white plastic cap. The built is so good that we can reuse the bottle after the snack gets over. The colours used are orange and yellow, depicting the colours of pumpkin and sunflower. The fonts are brilliant and in harmony too.

Sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, flax seeds, honey, jaggery, salt.

The best part about this flavour is the pinch of saltiness. For someone who doesn't enjoy the sweet flavour that much, the saltiness is what gives the taste a green signal. The taste will remind you of a chikki, and oh, it's delicious. (Let me reemphasize on how good the salt tastes in it!)

- High-quality packaging
- Appetizing flavour
- Healthy
- Can reuse the container
- Travel friendly

- Slightly expensive

If you want snacks on the go or to eat at the office, then this is the best bet. It is healthy, tasty, has a cute packaging, and is a good munch-me option. I say, you buy it once and try it for once.

WEIGHT: 125g
PRICE: Rs. 99

Which is your favourite healthy snacks?

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