How to Ensure Your Work Files are Not Lost

by - August 25, 2017

How many times has it happened with you that in order to keep your work PC organized, you had to delete your old files thinking you wouldn’t be needing them anymore? And then all of a sudden your boss asks you about that file and you’re almost dead in some other universe? Like you wish you hadn’t pressed that damn ‘shift’ button along with the ‘delete’? 

It has happened to me too. This post is going to be about saving your old files and strategically overcoming the OCD! 

So what do you do? The main hack here is to NOT press Shift + Delete together! No matter how heavy your recycle bin gets, do not press Shift + Delete. This was the sole reason behind the post. You have to manage space on your computer in such a way that you don't have to delete items permanently. So, every once in a while, you probably will have to spend some time organising items on your computer. Well, I know it gets boring to do that, but a little time spent organising items will save you your regrets later. 

The next important tip is to delete absolutely useless files! For example, unnecessary data, perished records, extra copies of work files, any personal stuff sitting on your office computer etc needs to go away. Another step that can help you is, instead of permanently deleting the items, you can send them to the amazingly considerate recycle/trash bin! By doing so, you can at any time later restore the item from the bin whenever needed. But, that doesn't mean you will turn a blind eye to your recycle bin! You do need to clean it once in a while.
Now, having read this, I hope you don't have to encounter the near death experience of not having the required file on your PC again!

Do let me know how you manage space on your PC!

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