The Best High-Tech Ways to Kill Time on a Plane

by - March 31, 2020

Much of the excitement about heading off on holiday or travelling is on the flight. Taking selfies at check-in and finding your seat can be just as thrilling as stepping foot in your accommodation for the first time. But once your plane is in the air, the novelty of flight can quickly wear off. Some travellers find they are able to kill the time through sleep, while others take the opportunity to indulge in their favourite drinks and snacks.

In this guide, we’ll discuss some of the more high-tech distractions that can help keep you engaged on long flights. Of course, it’s important that your device doesn’t interfere with the flight equipment, but these days more airlines than ever before provide a data or wi-fi connection to passengers.

Here are three of our favourites –

An immersive musical experience

It’s natural to stock up on essentials ahead of your trip away, and you might consider investing in a pair of high-quality headphones to help you relax. These can be particularly useful on a plane, helping to block out the sound of the engine, the chatter of strangers and the clinking of the hosts’ trolleys.
You should consider investing in a pair that boasts noise-cancelling technology - and these days even the most premium headphones are comfortable and lightweight enough for travel. Check out a top ten list and read the reviews to see what’s out there that suits your budget.

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Cinematic escapism

If you’re taking along a pair of headphones then you may be able to content yourself with music, but you should also consider having a range of films available. If your flight has data or wi-fi available then you’ll be able to put that Netflix subscription to work.
But even if you’re stuck on Airplane mode, many of the top streaming services allow viewers to download their favourite films to the device. Most modern tablets and phones have ample internal memory, although you may wish to invest in a micro SD card to cram in a little more choice to last your entire trip.

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The thrill of the spin

Casino gaming is more accessible today than ever before and is no longer just the reserve of experienced gamblers and high rollers. Even if you’re a total beginner, casino games like roulette, poker and blackjack can offer entertainment that will thrill and challenge in equal measure.
If you have a wi-fi connection on board then websites like this one are great places to track down introductory bonuses for new players. If you’re offline, then fear not, there are plenty of apps available to download for Android and iPhone, and who knows, your flight could be the perfect opportunity to finally learn how to play poker!

As you can see, new technology is helping people entertain themselves in a range of scenarios. And while a long-haul flight can be boring – and even sometimes stressful – it’s possible to enjoy your outbound journey with the help of a few gadgets.

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