10 Travel Carry On Essentials

by - March 18, 2020

What to pack in a carry on luggage is a question that you may ask every time you have to board a flight but fail to get a satisfactory answer. You choose your carry on essentials carefully, ensuring you're not violating any rule but then once you're in the cab on your way to the airport, whoosh, you've forgotten what you've packed. So next time when you pack for another vacation, you have to restart looking for the answer again. Maybe it's due to the pre-flight anxiety regarding missed flights, hoping the luggage weight is not exceeding the limit and that you've not packed a bomb by mistake! Yes, it happens with me too. 

So to help you out, here's a list of my travel carry on essentials.


1. Bag

Pretty obvious, I know, but do you know what kind of bag to choose? Now depending on your journey and the kind of vacation, your bag may vary. However, my pick would be the Nasher Miles luggage stroller as it comes in three sizes (carry-on size, medium, and large). Besides, each variant is unique and suits your needs. And, every variant comes in 3-5 colours of their own. I think this is perfect especially if you're too picky when it comes to luggage!
If a luggage stroller is not your choice, then you can carry a large tote to stash all your needs!

2. Jacket/shawl

Flights can get really chilly! Additionally, most people prefer comfort when it comes to travelling. So even if you're wearing a cute tank top because you're heading to Hawaii, you will still love a shawl to wrap you up for maximum comfort. You can either pack a shawl or a jacket, depending on your outfit and the overall need on your trip.

3. Earphones 

If you're a solo traveller, earphones are a must to boost your morale in case you're feeling low or to kill boredom. But, that doesn't mean you shouldn't carry a pair of earphones, because you'd still need them to watch a movie on your laptop/mobile or listen to music. 

4. Moisturiser

Is it just me or does air-conditioning really suck out the moisture from your body too? Well, packing a travel-sized, carry-on approved moisturiser is super important on flights. Dehydration leads to a loss of moisture plus air-conditioning too can take a toll on your skin's health, making it dry!

5. Book

And when everyone is off to sleep (or if you're a solo traveller), then a book can be your best bud. A few people cannot read on transit so avoid a book if you too are someone who prefers reading when you're at a stable position. Otherwise, a good book will keep you entertained plus kill those long-distance journeys too. 

6. Eye mask

Some people just do not sleep during regular hours. They sleep when the world is up, so blame it on their bizarre biological clock or their nocturnal nature. An eye mask lets you have darkness around your eyes whenever you want. So even if the flight attendants have turned on the lights and you want to nap, simply put on an eye mask. Trust me, it helps, especially if you're someone whose sleep is disturbed due to the light.

6. Laptop

For those freelancers, remote workers, or well, workaholics, a laptop is a must item. On most of my journeys, I carry a laptop thinking if I get some time off, I would work. I do generally work on my travels because I somehow cannot stay away from the laptop because of many reasons. And, even if you don't have any work, you can still carry a laptop, especially if it's a light one, to watch movies!

7. Cotton balls

So whether it is the cold environment on the flight or the harsh sound during the take-off and landing or to reduce the ambient noise, a pair of cotton balls are a saviour. Also, if you're visiting a colder place, then nothing like having cotton handy! 

8. Important documents

Passport, identity card, debit and credit cards, flight tickets, insurance copies, etc. You know there are so many documents you must carry. Also, not to forget, your hotel bookings, local sightseeing bookings, local transport bookings, etc. It's always better to have your important documents on you instead of keeping it in your check-in luggage because you never know when you misplace your luggage!

9. Glasses

If you wear contact lenses, then a flight is not the correct time to wear them. Instead, wear a pair of your glasses because it's going to be easy to take them on and off during your sleep, especially if it's a long-duration flight. And even if it's a shorter one, I suggest keeping your lenses away! A pair of glasses are just going to give you comfort on your flight. 

10. Motion sickness pills

Let's admit it. We usually board flights during crazy hours, when we have to wake up early, skip our night sleep, and whatnot. Less sleep can make you feel nauseous, so always carry a motion sickness pill to avoid any urge of vomiting. Another alternative, which I swear by, is the clove. Just put a clove in your mouth and suck its juice until you feel fresh. You can even put candy or chew gum. 

So with this basic carry-on essentials guide that includes items such as Nasher Miles luggage stroller, important documents, laptop, earphones etc., I hope you're prepared for your next flight!

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