How to Eat at Your Work Desk in a Sophisticated Way!

by - August 17, 2017

Some offices have a canteen, whereas some don't. I have worked at big places like Vogue India, Zoom TV, and ET Now, out of which, the former did not have a separate canteen and the latter two did have one. Even if your workplace has a canteen, there are times when you feel like not leaving your desk area and eating right at it. The office desk is like a comfort zone that we build; everything around it is warm and feels like our second home. 

So if you eat lunch at your desk, you might have been super conscious to eat around your colleagues. You might have feared spilling dal or might have wondered how to instantly clean your hands without letting the world know you've just had something greasy. I also used to face such problems before, but now I have a great tip for all those who eat at their desk!

I would share my procedure so that you get an idea of how to eat at your work place in a much-sophisticated way.

1.  I make space for my lunch by shifting the keyboard and mouse towards the desktop.
2. I wash my hands in the wash basin to ensure my hands are free of germs.
3. I always have a bunch of tissues in my bag. So I take one tissue and lay it open on my desk.
4. Then, I place the lunchboxes on the tissue, while carefully placing the lids on the non-tissue are of my desk, thus ensuring I don't spill the gravy off the lid. 
5. After I'm done eating, I crush the aluminium foil (in which I carry rotis) and throw the foil in one of the lunchboxes. 
6. Later, I carefully place the lunchboxes aside, pick up the tissue, wipe my hands, wipe drops on the desk or the lunchbox (if there are any), crush the tissue, and throw it in the lunch box along with the aluminium foil. (If a dustbin is right near your legs, then you can throw the tissue and foil in it, but if it's far away, then throw it in your lunchbox.)
7. Lastly, I wash my hands in the wash basin so that I feel purified to work again. 

This is such a fuss-free, sophisticated procedure, that no matter the amount of liquid you're carrying, the desk still remains neat and tidy, plus your colleagues around notice how well-bred you are!

What are your tricks?

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