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by - August 11, 2022

All of us have that one holy grail product we use in our daily lives, which just works magically every time we think of taking a detour or trying to replace it. And that for me has been Cetaphil.

I’ve used the brand for more than five years. Whether it’s their Gentle Skin Cleanser or the Moisturising Cream, I’ve tried quite a few products from their range.

But the one I’ve been swearing by is the Cetaphil Gentle Foaming Cleanser. Not only is it gentle on my skin but also thoroughly cleans it by not stripping off my skin’s natural moisture. The cleanser leaves behind a healthy and natural glow.

When I got a chance to visit an event conducted by Cetaphil and Biluma (another brand of skincare that came to my rescue when I’d spilt oil on my face and the burns had subsided but the brown spots had remained), I was delighted. Because it’s one thing to attend an event by a brand you don’t use and it’s other to attend an event of the brands you love!

Cetaphil and Biluma (two of the many skincare brands by Galderma) held a special event at Juhu’s Novotel hotel celebrating Skincare Awareness month. They invited a bunch of bloggers, YouTubers and influencers who advocated skincare, staying authentic, and having healthy skin at the end of the day. I was grateful Galderma invited me for this. The main motive behind this event was to create awareness about the month with consumers and educate them to know their skin and what it needs to keep it healthy and beautiful.

The same event had a special panel including dermatologists and three of the top influencers who advocated beauty and skincare. The session was especially insightful because of the many tips, queries and advice we received to protect the skin. The Q&A session had us solve our queries related to skin care. The discussion also educated consumers about their skin type and their concerns.

The event also showcased Cetaphil’s new packaging and we were given amazing products both by Cetaphil and Biluma. I have started using Biluma’s Day and Night creams and oh my God, my skin has never looked this healthy, glowing and flawless! In fact, to cater to my late 20s and to prepare for my 30s, I’ve included these creams in my daily skincare routine. It’s been more than a month since I started using these products and I’ve seen significant results, especially the even complexion of my skin. My skin glows, as though I’ve used some kind of foundation. All I do now is apply the day cream, a thin layer of sunscreen, nude lipstick and some mascara. The face looks prepped and flawless.

I especially work the creams around my eyes, the tiny freckles on the bridge of my nose, the light brown spots on my cheeks that are sometimes visible, and my smile lines. And to say it again, I’ve seen significant results.

Cetaphil has a range of cleansers and moisturizers for every skin type and it is important to select the right product depending on the consumer's skin type. Also, for soft, smooth and beautiful skin, it is important to follow the skincare regime of Cleansing & Moisturizing. Cetaphil’s new range has a new look, and better formulation with added gentle ingredients such as Glycerine that improves Hydration, Niacinamide for Brightening and Panthenol for a moisturizing effect.

I’ve started using the Biluma Skin Brightening Lotion on my elbows, knees and feet, and for the overall moisturising of my body, I use the Cetaphil Moisturising lotion.

About Galderma

Galderma provides a science-based portfolio of premium flagship brands and services that spans the whole spectrum of dermatology. Their legacy in dermatology is one of a kind, and they have spent decades on the cutting edge of innovation. Galderma is the market leader in the pure-play dermatology category and is working to advance dermatology for all skin types.


With a 75-year history, Cetaphil is the most widely used brand that dermatologists recommend in many nations. Clinical studies have shown that Cetaphil can hydrate even the most sensitive skin. Natural components used in Cetaphil products provide delicate yet effective care, resulting in soft, smooth, and beautiful skin. A pharmacist created the first item, Cetaphil Cleansing Lotion, in 1947, especially for dermatological uses. The product gained popularity rapidly and is still in use today under the name Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser. Although the name has changed, the formula has practically not altered, and Gentle Skin Cleanser continues to be a top seller and a favourite around the world. Cetaphil products now have a new look & an even better formula, they have upgraded their formulation by adding the goodness of Glycerin to improve Hydration, Niacinamide for Brightening and Panthenol for a moisturizing effect.

Here's how you can use their products:
● For dry skin:
The sun is quite effective in removing moisture from surfaces, including our skin, in the summer. This explains why our skin frequently feels dry and irritated after being exposed to the sun. Use a non-oily, non-sweaty moisturiser to stave off the drying effects of the sun. You might also combine it with a mild cooling cleanser.

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser removes dirt and impurities without making the skin dry. SPF 30 for protection indoors and SPF 50 for protection outdoors. Since it is gel-based, no white residue is left behind. Additionally, it resists sweat and water.

Cetaphil Moisturising Cream contains a blend of natural ingredients like sweet almond oil and Vitamin E that provides 48 hours of long-lasting hydration.

Cetaphil Sun SPF 50 has proven protection for not only UV rays but also harmful IR radiation, which is emitted even through household gadgets.

● For oily skin:
More temperatures are accompanied by higher humidity, which causes your skin's oil glands to produce even more oil, giving you the desired shiny appearance and blemishes. If you don't take care of your oily skin, your pores could widen and become clogged, which would lead to an accumulation of dead skin cells. Limit your daily skin cleansing to three times; more frequent cleansing removes moisture from the skin, therefore moisturise frequently. This procedure ought to keep the skin from becoming overly greasy, choosing products that can reduce sebum production and stop pimples.

Cetaphil Oily Skin Cleanser is a product designed primarily for oily, acne-prone skin that solely eliminates excess oil.

Cetaphil DAM Ultra Hydrating Lotion, a unique combination of shea butter and macadamia nut oil in Cetaphil DAM Ultra Hydrating Lotion gives 48-hour intense hydration. Its Lightweight, Non-Sticky formula makes it suitable for all Seasons.

Cetaphil Sun provides an effective defence against dangerous IR radiation, which is released even by common household appliances. SPF 30 for protection indoors and SPF 50 for protection outdoors. Since it is gel-based, no white residue is left behind. Additionally, it resists sweat and water.


Galderma's Biluma brand offers the products that today's consumers need to keep their skin healthy, radiant, and youthful throughout their lives. In the domain of skin brightening, it is the dermatologists' top-recommended brand. We constantly seek methods to innovate, whether it is through new formulations or more practical packaging, in order to continue to fulfil peoples' changing skin needs.

An innovative product for skin whitening, nourishing, and rejuvenation called Biluma has a premium line that is founded on science.

The skin has a circadian rhythm that contributes to healthy, radiant skin. The way the skin behaves varies depending on the time and day. The skin serves two purposes: enlivening and protecting the skin throughout the day, and regenerating and nourishing the skin at night. Early indications of ageing such as hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone, wrinkles, laxity, and dull, dry skin are caused by an imbalance in this day and night skin cycle, which is caused by both internal and environmental influences. A dermatologist-recommended line for all skin types that promotes healthy, radiant skin is called Biluma. The Biluma product line is made up of natural chemicals and elements that have been shown effective by science, harmonising the skin's circadian cycle. In just three weeks*, Biluma visibly evens out and brightens skin tone.

The name of Biluma captures its essence: Be lit up (Luma is Latin for “light”). Today, Biluma has a product line that includes lotion, creams, and cleansers. Biluma is dedicated to giving customers skincare solutions that work well while still being kind.

Visit for more details on their products.

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