Travelling to North Sikkim? This is the Only Guide You Need!

by - April 03, 2022

North Sikkim, why would I write a special post for the northern part of this North-Eastern Indian state? Simply because it's home to virgin nature, from untouched landscapes to waterfalls, from the blinding snow to the furry yaks, and from the dainty pink flowers to wallpaper-perfect lakes. Sikkim is no longer your Gangtok or Pelling; it has evolved to something more exotic. 

The North Sikkim is a separate district, similar to its counterparts South, West and East Sikkim. The capital town is Mangan, which is like the headquarters. The North Sikkim, albeit a part of India, lies towards the Chinese borders. Due to this, you need to prove your identity by submitting a few documents beforehand. I'll cover that part later in the North Sikkim Travel Guide. 

The first and foremost tip, which unfortunately very few blogs on North Sikkim Permit cover, is to sort your transport to North Sikkim beforehand. You might think that you can visit the state anytime and wish to travel up north of it whenever you like, but that's not true! 

Only big tourist vehicles are allowed in North Sikkim, apart from motorbikes. Therefore, a shortage of vehicles is created, leading to most big vehicles being pre-booked. So what can you do? 

Pre-book your vehicle beforehand. How can you do it? 

Call any taxi service/tour operator beforehand (2-7 days before the date of travel to North Sikkim). Especially during long weekends or peak holiday time, it will be difficult to fetch a vehicle. A few operators told us that the cars were booked for a month! This can totally ruin your trip, considering you have a few days at hand. 

(Call Snoopy Tours & Travels on 8001773082 and or any tour operator to pre-book your vehicle for North Sikkim. Also, ask them to get your North Sikkim Permit issued.)

Documents Required for the North Sikkim Permit

  • Two passport size photos
  • Copy of driver's license, voter's card or passport
Aadhar Card is not mentioned on the list so please carry a copy of any of the identity proof mentioned above. 

The driver will bring your North Sikkim Permit with him on the day of travel. 

What to cover on a North Sikkim Tour Package? 

There are two places to cover in a North Sikkim Tour Package: Lachung and Lachen. For the same, you will have to book a two nights three days package from your tour operator. Even if it's a Sikkim Honeymoon Package you're looking at, go ahead and book your stays according to your preferences and mention that to your tour operator so that you won't be charged for the hotel stays. 

To cover Lachung, Yumthang Valley and Zero Point, you will have to stay at Lachung. 

To cover Gurudongmar Lake, you will have to stay at Lachen. 

So in your North Sikkim Tour Package, you will start from Gangtok at Vajra Taxi Stand around 11:00am for Lachung. On the way, you will cover a few waterfalls and reach your hotel in Lachung around 6:00pm. 

Next morning, around 6:00am, you will leave for Yumthang Valley. After enjoying the valley, you will proceed to Zero Point (where there's snow at all times). 
On the same day, you will leave for Lachen and reach your hotel there around 7:00pm. 

On the last day, you will leave for Gurudongmar Lake and return to Gangtok/Vajra by evening 7:00pm. 

The North Sikkim Tour Package is likely to change depending on the weather conditions and timings. Contact your tour operator and enquire before you pay/do the bookings.

What is the Cost of North Sikkim Tour Package?

North Sikkim Tour Package is quite expensive, given the exponential demand. For Gangtok to Lachung, Lachung to Yumthang and from there back to Gangtok, the charge is approx. INR 14,000 for an SUV. This price doesn't include hotel stays or food. 

But if you pre-book, you might win the deal for a cheaper price. To travel further to Zero Point from Yumthang, pay an additional INR 2,500. 

The cost for travel to Lachen will be more or less the same. 

Therefore to travel to North Sikkim for two nights and three days, you need to shell out approx INR 32,000 for one SUV. Besides, you will need approx. INR 2,000 for a hotel for a night and food charges extra.

Is North Sikkim Tour Worth It? 

Definitely. The prices of the North Sikkim Tour Package are exorbitantly high, but it is definitely worth it. The mesmerizing landscapes, the smooth curvy roads, the snowfall experience, the virgin beauty and the blue-watered lake...North Sikkim is definitely not overhyped and totally worth it! 

Watch the North Sikkim vlog!

Places to visit in North Sikkim 

  • Yumthang Valley or Valley of Flowers
  • Zero Point
  • Butterfly Waterfall
  • Gurudongmar Lake

Best Time to Visit North Sikkim

If you want to experience snowfall or thick dense snow, visit during the winter months. However, ensure the main sights like Yumthang or Gurudongmar are not shut due to heavy snowfall. 

To drive through flowers on both sides of the road, visit between April and June to catch full bloom at Yumthang Valley. 

To catch a bit of snow at a chilly 5-degree temperature and the flowers before the main bloom, visit from March end to April mid. (The above pictures were clicked at the end of March.)

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