How to Enjoy a Solo Trip

by - November 23, 2022

I've had this question asked a lot: Don't you get bored on solo trips? And I just have a big, resounding no. I do not get bored on solo trips because there is just so much I can do when travelling alone (and honestly, for someone who vlogs, takes pictures for her blogs, and constantly updates her Instagram followers regarding her whereabouts, I have no spare time to be bored). There's just so much to do on solo trips, and it's so freeing, yet so educational at the same time.

I thought of dedicating this blog to the question I often get asked: How to enjoy solo trips? 

Well, there's no one answer, and if you've been following my blogs for a long time, you know that I always have so much to talk about and always a list ready for every type of query. So here's what you've been wondering if at all you do, how to enjoy on a solo trip. 

How to Enjoy a Solo Trip

I've already written many articles on solo travel, which you will find towards the end of the article. Whether there's Why You Should Take that Solo Trip or How to Plan Solo Trips, I have covered many topics across the span of nine years of my blogging. 

Before we begin the actual answer to the post, you might wonder, why would someone go on a solo trip when there are friends and family out there. And the answer is in the blog post above, but to cut it short, it's simply to connect and reconnect with oneself, finding the whys and hows of life, understanding what you want from life, and as Itachi Uchiha from Naruto says, "To test the limit of (your) ability."

To enjoy a solo trip, you should be comfortable with yourself, and comfortable being by yourself. That doesn't mean you can't enjoy a solo trip if you don't love yourself. Rather, I would suggest, if you have any self-doubt, you ideally should be stepping on the road alone. Because that's when you'll discover the real you even more. 

To enjoy a solo trip...

Go for a backpacker hostel

Backpacker hostels are my favourite and I've been saying the same in all the seminars and talk sessions I've conducted so far. You meet tons of new people at a backpacker hostel, and the best part is, they're like-minded. They want to explore, they want to party, they want to take pictures, record, and build memories. But don't worry, you don't have to be an extrovert to go on solo trips or stay at backpacker hostels. 

I've met many people who are the exact definition of "introverts" and I've always been impressed by how they could travel all by themselves and decide to stay at a backpacker hostel alone. Especially on my trip to Varkala, there was a guy called Tejas, who was not really an outgoing guy. He was the shy type, the quiet type, the one who would open up only when he got comfortable. And looking at him I was astonished. How is he here alone? In a backpacker hostel. It truly impressed me.  

So with backpacker hostels, you meet all kinds of people and they help you explore and make memories, and the best part is, nobody judges you. 

Pick a location with things to do

There is something called as slow travel and a saying that goes: dolce far niente (the sweetness of doing nothing). If you're still exploring the solo travel bug within you and are still in two minds, then go for a location with many activities and places to visit. For instance, go to Jaipur solo. The city has endless places to visit where you won't end up bored but stunned at the fact that there could be so many beautiful places in the country. 

Going for a place that is meant for slow travel or dolce far niente might make you regret the decision of travelling solo in the early stages. So once you're a pro at this and have mastered the art of enjoying a solo trip, you can pick places such as Jibhi in Himachal, or any far-off town with a gorgeous homestay. 

Know your favourite pastime & what keeps you sane

When I say this, I mean, knowing what keeps you going. Whether it's playing a mobile game with friends online, reading a book, or listening to music. You must identify something you really like and something that keeps you sane. And I mean it on a serious note.

There could be times when you feel homesick and question your worth. So when you have a thing you like without putting effort and without seeming to look aesthetic, cherish it, and take it with you. Just because it is cool to read a book with an aesthetic view, do not rely solely on it. Because when you're low, this setup is not going to help. Only the thing that keeps you sane is going to help you. 

On my 40 days solo trip around India, I lost it on the third day of my trip. I felt my bag was too heavy and had unnecessary stuff, so I kept back my Eat Pray Love book at the hostel (which by the way I had gotten after pleading with my brother to take me to FC Road during my stay in Pune). Because I was crazily low, and I knew a book will not help me at all. 

I want to thank that blue "Go Wild" notebook I carried on my trip; it was full of secrets and my deepest thoughts. I would scribble all the time, on the train, on the bus, in a restaurant, at a historical place, and in a room full of people. That was honestly the only thing that kept me sane. 

Strictly no sad music

I'm a believer in the idea that the more sad music you listen to, the sadder you get. And on a solo trip, refrain from negative thoughts and a sad music playlist. Even if you're going through a breakup, listen to party songs, motivational songs, travel songs, "I love my life" songs, friendship songs, or those cringe songs from the 90s. But the moment you listen to a sad song, you'll be sadder, and may feel like rushing back home. 

Embrace positivity even though you have sadness clouding your head. 

Record your solo trip 

You could be anti-pictures and anti-social media, but record your solo trip! Click pictures, document your moods, note down your feelings, and capture videos. You needn't post the media anywhere, but it's to chronicle your memories and keep you engaged while at it. 

When you observe and record, you are occupied. And the more you travel, the more you feel like improvising your skills. You become engrossed in capturing that perfect picture of the sunset or try your hands at reels. Apart from learning a new skill and developing an interest in something you never thought you would, you're occupied while at it. So at the end of the long, tiring day, when you hit that bunker bed in your hostel, you have a ton of media to look at. You start browsing, deleting, editing, and sharing all that you've captured in the day, and you never might as well post it on social media!

Eat good food

Don't roll your eyes. I mean it.

Know what's your soul food and eat it when you're low. You might want to try this amazing seafood platter and that famous pizza, but at the end of the day, if you're not satisfied, then chances are you'll sleep unhappy. 

So when you're low, just order your soul food and you'll be happy. For me, when I am extremely done with sandwiches and pizzas, I go for roti-sabzi, biryani or South Indian food, and that instantly delights me. 

And lastly...

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Live in the moment

Easier said than done, but by the end of the trip, you'll come out a better person who feels better about yourself and the world. And although today I might tell you to live in the moment, as you start travelling solo, you'll automatically keep your worries behind and be in the present moment. Whether it's double-checking your flight for tomorrow or being confused about which photo to'll only bother about the present moment so that you have a better sleep. 

And if you're surrounded by travellers, you needn't worry about knowing how to enjoy yourself on a solo trip. You'll be pretty much occupied with day exploration plans and their life stories to worry about anything else. By then, you might have already developed a hatred towards their ex! 

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