How I Plan My Solo Trips

by - March 07, 2021

The other day, I had asked a question on Instagram. A question that I've been asked many times – How I Plan My Solo Trips. So it's basically a compilation of where I want to go, the public transport network available, the season, and the number of days I have. Solo trips are addictive; once you go on one, you feel like going again and again. 

Here's how I plan my solo trips –


First and foremost, what almost every solo traveller has every searched, is which place is safe for a solo traveller or where to go as a solo traveller. A lot of aspects fall under this. If you're unbothered by safety and can manage to stay at any place, then you won't consider the safety aspect of it. You might search for places where a solo traveller can socialise and have fun. A place where there are hostels and where a lot of travellers flock in. 

That's a good idea to pick a place, however, I really recommend making a list of places YOU want to visit instead of searching for recommendations on Google. That's what I do. I calculate the days I have with me (which, let's just say, I have three nights I can take) and make a list of nearest places I want to visit. This could be a short flight away or an overnight transport away. In this case, considering I live in Mumbai, I can list down places like Rajasthan, Goa, Kerala, Gujarat, Karnataka, etc. Out of that, matching my mood, the weather, and the transport timings, I would finalise the place. After finalising, I would dig deep about that place such as how safe is it, are there hostels, how is the public transport there, etc.


For a solo traveller, the best stay option would be a backpacker's hostel unless you are looking for some me-time and want to indulge. Hostels, though something an introvert might fear, are the best way to come out of your protective shell. You can be that introvert who rarely smiles at his roommates but that still would be fine. Nobody really cares whether you socialise or not. And considering the financial aspect of a trip, the best way to save some money on a solo trip is to stay in dorms.

If you're looking forward to spending some me-time with all the world's luxury, then a resort would be a wonderful idea. Do check for reviews and go for a place where families stay for safety purposes. If not a resort, go for a family-friendly hotel room or a homestay. Do check for as many authentic reviews as possible along with pictures. 


Solo trips can either be self-pampering or a wanna-come-back-to-my-senses journey. If you wanna do many more trips in the future, then plan a budgeted trip. If you want to indulge yet are broke, then balance between the expenses. For instance, go for hotel rooms but with INR 1,200/night options. That way, you get the comfort of living in a hotel room and are not spending a fortune. 

If you're on a tight budget, go for hostels. A dorm usually costs somewhere between INR 400 to INR 800. Consider taking non-ac transport during pleasant seasons or opt for public transport instead of taxis. Go for full meals once a day and light snacks for the rest of the day. Make your own itineraries instead of going via travel agents. Choose local tour operators instead of going with a tour operator from your city. 

Apart from that, if you keep a budget of, say INR 1,000/day, you can make your expenses accordingly. If on day 1, you spend INR 1,500, balance it out on remaining days to stay under your total trip budget. Lastly, write down your expenses to get an idea about your splurges. 


I suggest planning and booking the trip yourself instead of picking a travel agent. The more you research and explore, the better you understand a place. Read a blog, watch videos, go through guides on Lonely Planet, etc. to gather more knowledge about a place. 

When planning any trip, firstly I book the transport. Whatever is cheap, quick, affordable...I go for that. Again depends on the number of days I have, the kind of budget I'm setting, and the local transport availability from the station/airport to my hostel. (Read: Solo Girl's Guide for Surviving Indian Railways)

Then I go for the stay. The stay needs to be closest from the market so that I can travel locally using public transport such as buses, metro, rickshaws, taxis, etc. Again, for the stay, I usually pick hostels. I would prefer all-female dorms a year back but I've observed that all-female dorms are usually empty. So now I go for mixed dorms as it is easier to find more people and I personally vibe really well with the guys. 

And lastly, if I have time off from all the packing and prepping, I look for things to do in that place. Usually, I never preplan what I will be doing. I have a few must-dos, which I try to do, but apart from that, it's all in the air. I make friends at the hostel and roam around with them. It's much easier as they're all prepared with a solid list of things to do. Besides, the hostel managers always have something offbeat to add. 


What are those unique things to carry as a solo traveller? Well, I've never carried a pepper spray or a knife. Never really felt the need to have any of these with me. You can carry a power bank, extra set of phone charger, an extra phone, wrap-ups when things get shady, emergency cash, different debit cards (Master Card or Visa card is must), money on the account connected to GPay and/or PayTM, medicines, and sanitary pads. 

You should always be prepared and have most of the things with you so that you don't have to rely on others for anything. (Read: What I Packed for my 40-day Solo Trip around India)


Is India safe for solo women travellers? Safety while travelling solo? Well, it's not too worrisome. If you make friends at the hostel then you don't need to worry about anything. However, if you're staying in a private accommodation, I suggest returning until the shops close down in the city. For instance, if you're in Kochi and the shops shut at 7:00 pm make sure to be back to your hotel by 8:00 pm. And if for any reason, you're going on a day trip and would return by 10:00 pm then make sure someone back in your hotel knows you'll be coming late. Or the best way is, booking a cab through the hotel. It might mean paying a bit extra commissioned amount but your safety is guaranteed then. 

I had written an entire blog post on Challenges Faced by Solo Women Travellers, do read it for a detailed perspective!

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