5 Things I Carry on My Vacations

by - February 27, 2021

The things I pack for my vacations, so whether they are long ones or short, are more or less the similar. While winter trips include essentials to survive harsh cold winds, summer trips include hydration boosts, sunscreens, and cover-ups. The 10-day plus vacations require detergent powder and are concentrated more on ways to make me feel at home. The shorter, relaxed staycations have me pack more stylish clothes and my complete makeup kit just because I’m travelling in my own car so there’s no worry of baggage weight limit. 

The essentials change depending on the trip but there are a few that remain constant, which are:

Portable charger

A portable charger/battery backup/powerbank is a saviour. No matter which kind of trip it is, this little guy is definitely something I carry because I use up my phone a lot. And considering my phone is 3+ years old, the battery tends to depletes sooner than normal. And being a travel blogger, I capture more than most of us so I’m usually the one having my powerbank on me at all times.

Instant de-wrinkler spray

This is my new travel buddy simply because of its usage and practicality. One of my hostel mates in Jaipur mentioned about it to me and I have been blessed since. It’s a marvellous product that has helped me immensely. I have many clothes that wrinkle sooner and become a liability because I can’t wear them. Especially on my backpacking trips, clothes tend to wrinkle quicker. I use Fabreco Instant Cloth Wrinkle Remover, which is an instant and easy to use spray. You simply have to spray it on your wrinkled clothes and wipe it off with a cloth. This product actually works and also gives out a fresh laundry smell afterwards. 

And during these Covid-19 times, any product that helps take off bacteria and viruses is a blessing. Fabreco does that. It also is a disinfectant, throws a beautiful, fresh fragrance on clothes and is easy to carry. I have personally used it many times on my travels and have been surprised every time. You can get it off Amazon. It comes in a travel pack and a large bottle. 

A cover-up

I always tend to carry a cover-up, so whether it is a jacket, kimono, shawl, etc. I just like to feel comfortable when I’m low on mood, energy and spirits on my travels. Especially on solo trips, when I explore alone, I like to have a jacket with me to feel safe. Though usually the fear is in head and nothing is actually unsafe, I always like to cover myself up. On summer vacations, I carry a light kimono that can be used while exploring as it helps me from heat and also has a beach wrap-up on my bikini. 

Hand sanitiser

I’ve been using a hand sanitiser since my 11th grade, way before it became an essential to the entire world. Hand sanitisers are best, especially on train travels and impromptu street food trips. Since a lot of types have come into the market now, any sanitiser that brings out a fresh smell (orange, lavender, etc) is a good pick for travels to make you feel fresh.

Extra pair of lenses & glasses

Lastly, for someone with a bad vision, you cannot risk yourself by not carrying extra sets of eyes! I always carry an extra pair of contact lenses and my glasses because of so many reasons. It’s always better to carry extra. I’m someone who is completely laidback on my travels and most times I never care which belonging is where. I just walk in the room after a day exploration, freshen myself up and hit the bed. In mornings too, I’m in a rush to go out. So, I never really bother to organise my things unless I’m staying at a place for a longer time. 

Apart from these, there are other essentials I don’t miss out on. An intimate wash, panty liners, medicines, sunglasses, caps/hats, sunscreen, moisturiser, sports shoes (or sneakers), flipflops, extra phone, speaker, earphones, etc. 

The way someone packs really depends on their lifestyle I believe. For some, looking good at all times is a requisite, for some, being an overpacker relaxes them. 

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