40 Things I Learnt from Travelling Solo around India for 40 Days

by - October 21, 2019

I went on a solo trip around India for 40 days and had a lot to learn. This was my longest trip and I covered 9 states and around 20 destinations across India. I majorly stayed in dorm rooms and faced constant changes in the weather. I travelled using public transport wherever possible. The trip surely changed me into a new person and here are some life lessons I learnt while I was on the road –

  1. Prejudices are only in your head. Try to love people across all religions, castes, and languages. 
  2. No situation, mood or emotion is permanent. If you’re happy right now, you’ll be sad later and if you’re sad right now, you’ll be happy later. It’s basically like a rollercoaster. 
  3. People belonging from all the states, languages, caste, religion are in fact, your countrymen…try to sense belongingness towards them. 
  4. Appreciate the differences in people, not just in the way they dress but also do not judge their traditional practices. 
  5. You are all you’ve got in the end.
  6. Never leave your expensive belongings such as phone, camera unattended. 
  7. Probably the best way to taste local cuisine is through thaalis, especially when you have less time at a place.
  8. The people around you are humans like you. Start a conversation with them.
  9. Appreciate your own company. It's okay to go to fancy restaurants or movie theatres alone.
  10. Learn to compromise and adjust. Sometimes it can get too tough. At such times you can either request people or simply take a deep breath and hope the situation passes sooner. 
  11. Know that you're too lucky that you eat proper meals on time. Because sometimes, omelettes, noodles or bread butter are the only options available. 
  12. Learn to be okay with the minimum. At times, you’ll end up having chips and biscuits as your meals because that’s the only safe option available. 
  13. Stop worrying that you spend a lot of money on the things you love. Please know that you can always earn the money later. 
  14. Preserve energy until you reach your destination. This applies to treks especially. 
  15. Some investments are really needed such as multi-pocketed pants while you’re in the transit.
  16. Avoid arguments with the locals and be in the good books of everyone. Don't start unnecessary fights with them because they might end up being your only saviours and acquaintances in an unknown place. 
  17. Not everyone around you is evil. Trust them and appreciate their kindness. It might be so that your good deeds are coming back to you. 
  18. Don't rush. Please know that it is okay to relax. Stop being overwhelmed with work. 
  19. You’re your best doctor. Don't overeat and learn to balance meals. 
  20. Don't go all out. It’s okay to skip a few things in life. You can always revisit a place. 
  21. Smile through all the situations and find happiness in small things. Be happy it’s raining and the weather is pleasant or be happy it’s sunny and that it’s not raining. 
  22. Trust your gut feeling. 
  23. Writing down/venting out is perhaps one of the best lowkey therapies. If you’re feeling sad, simply write it down in a notebook.
  24. Your friends and family love you way more than you think they do. Reach out to them if you’re feeling lonely.
  25. Money < Safety. Even if a thing is expensive but safe, go for it anyway.
  26. People might not be rude; it's just the way they talk! 
  27. Take things slowly. Recheck everthing twice and don't be in a hurry.
  28. There’s something called Memory Replacement. It’s basically replacing your memories with new ones to avoid feeling sad. You make new memories in a place so that the old, painful memories don’t haunt you anymore.
  29. Love a person as much as you want but don't base your happiness solely on them. 
  30. There are billions of people in the world. Don't let one person affect your mood. 
  31. Whatever is hurting you, won’t hurt you eventually. Stop revolving around the same problem and instead, try to genuinely get over the problem.
  32. At times you’ll feel like crying and the best way to deal with it is to cry. 
  33. Not everyone is genuinely interested and might in fact just be bored. Learn to keep your details with you instead of sharing it with everyone you meet. 
  34. If someone has touched your heart in any way, let them know. 
  35. A tough situation will teach you who is yours and who isn’t. 
  36. Learn patience. Things will not always go the way you want. 
  37. Put others before you. This is the kindest thing you’ll do to yourself. 
  38. Courage and willpower will take you to places. All it needs is one step from your end. Remember: No guts, no glory; no legend, no story.
  39. Start enjoying what you have instead of worrying about the future. 
  40. It is okay to not know everything. However, you should always have an appetite to learn more. 

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  1. Interesting and very well expressed... It is really important to explore the unexplored and wake up to something new every morning...


  2. Great great learnings
    Loved it.. Will definitely keep all of it in mind.. 😊Keep it up👍👍

  3. Great musings from your first hand experiences traveling solo. I could relate to most of them; guess I need to travel more. Reading through your blog and sifting through your insta stories with a cup of tea made my day. So much positivity and optimism there. Keep them coming :)

  4. Great musings from your first hand experiences traveling solo. I could relate to most of them; guess I need to travel more. Reading through your blog and sifting through your insta stories on a rainy evening with a cup of tea made my day. So much positivity and optimism there! Keep them coming :)

  5. Saw your journey through you instagram photos and video. Salute to you for being so bold in taking this journey. Thank you for sharing such wonderful pictures and facts about places you visited. Kudos for such wonderful planning. Overall thank you for sharing such wonderful 40 tips!!! You rock. Stay blessed.

  6. Nice plan ha me pan karnar asa ek solo ..chale na thode place Copyrights©️😬


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