The Little Tibet Resort, Darjeeling: A Blend of Culture and Comfort

by - November 02, 2019

Source: Prajakta S, Tripadvisor

Darjeeling is one of the hill stations I always wanted to visit. I'd heard about its dreamy landscapes, its aromatic tea gardens, its friendly people, its toy train, and its vibe. When I was planning my 40-day solo trip around India, I had to include Darjeeling, no matter what. This trip included most of those places I wanted to visit in India. When I announced at my home that I was going to Darjeeling, my mom said she would love to join me too. Though this was a solo trip, I couldn't refuse my mom. So she came along to Kolkata (for Durga Puja) and Darjeeling and I felt so refreshed after meeting her. 

I wanted to make my stay in Darjeeling a memorable one, so I started hunting for luxurious yet economical resorts in Darjeeling. That's when I stumbled upon the Little Tibet Resort and knew at an instance that I would book my stay here. I was impressed seeing its gallery and its Tibetan decor. I was fascinated to know that I would get to experience a bit of Tibet staying in Darjeeling and that itself was so intriguing! Plus, the view from the resort was a huge brownie point!

The outdoor seating aka the garden

The Little Tibet Resort combines traditional Tibetan charm with comfort and luxury. They offer traditional Tibetan hospitality and you get to taste Tibetan food, drink and music. The resort serves the best of Indian, Chinese, Continental, Tandoori, and Local Cuisines. The resort is centrally located near the Governor’s House on the Mall, and  a comfortable walking distance from the Airlines office, Post Office, Banks, Foreign Registration Office and the Tourist Hub of Chowrasta. The resort is run by a second generation Tibetan family whose parents had to flee Kham (a province in Tibet)  before the Chinese Aggression but have retained their language, culture, religion and the art of Tibetan hospitality to make your stay a comfortable and a memorable one. 

When I'd checked the pictures online of this beautiful boutique resort in Darjeeling, I was blown over. I always appreciate good views from the hotel, especially if I'm on a mountain. I like to see the valley, the rooftops, the greenery, the clouds, and of course, the mountains. The Little Tibet Resort in Darjeeling has a magnificent view. 

When we reached the resort, the branding caught our attention. I knew the instant I read the name that the place is going to be a pretty display of everything Tibetan. When we entered the gate, we saw a path that led to the reception and the main building of the resort. The path was outlined with pictureque flowers hanging from the ceiling. The vibrant reds and pinks caught our attention. I could immediately sense the warmth of the resort. 

On walking further, we reached the reception area. The check-in was hassle free and with the friendly smiles of the staff, we were given our room.

The spacious, comfy bed | Source: Management, TripAdvisor

As soon as I entered the room, I was taken aback seeing the decor. Our room was huge and had a garden view. The window was so huge, I felt like jumping off it and rushing to the garden. Just seeing the view from my room made me feel so refreshed after a tiring 20 hours journey from Kolkata.

Our bed was wide, wide enough for three people to sleep without any discomfort. The puffiness of the bed made me want to take a nap. The clean bathroom made me feel like taking a nice, hot water bath. 

Coffee Mugs with Tibetan traditional design

I stayed here for three nights and had the best of slumbers. The tv worked fine and my mom and I spent most of our indoor time watching tv while feasting on food alongside. We had branded toiletries at disposal with Tibetan mugs as our coffee mugs. Apart from that, there was a dedicated place to keep our luggage and hooks to hang our coats. Absolutely loved the stay here!

We got to taste the Tibetan/Nepali cuisine on request. We tried the Ting Momos, the Sim Rayo sabzi (this leafy vegetable is eaten mostly during the winter days or to soothe cold and fever), and the Alu Phing soup (a soup made out of noodles, potatoes, onions, and other ingredients). 

Other meals tasted equally delicious. Not just the quantity but the quality is noteworthy too. The soft rotis reminded me of my mom's handmade rotis and even the main course was flavourful. Our room plan included breakfast so I was blessed with delicious, wholesome breakfast every morning. With fresh fruits, juices, coffee, tea, sandwiches, pakoras, and an array of breakfast items such as pancakes, parathas, baked beans, and oats porridge. 

Tibetan/Nepali food at Little Tibet Resort

Buffet area at the restaurant

The best part is when on the last morning we had an early flight to catch, we had asked for a packed breakfast and they had provided with a tetrapack juice, fresh cut fruits, boiled eggs, and sandwiches with a complimentary Darjeeling tea gift pack and a souvenir. I'm not sure how many hotels provide with such thoughtful breakfast packs but I was surely impressed by them.

Under facilities, the first point I would like to state is the incredibly speedy WiFi. Most of the places that claim to have free WiFi usually have it either slow or dysfunctional. And being a digital nomad, it's important for me to have a fast WiFi. (As soon as I figured out that the WiFi here is fast, I finished editing my Jaipur vlog and uploaded it!) I was blessed to receive a stable connection after about 20 days of my trip!

The garden of the resort had such a magnificent view that I felt like sitting there until it got dark. It was cloudy all over and the faint sight of the roofs below made it a blissful sight. The garden has a dining, making it even more functional as on a warmer day, you can dine at the garden instead of the indoor restaurant!

My overall experience at the Little Tibet Resort has been incredible. My mom is all praises with its cordial staff, the tasty food, the service, the hospitality, the ambience, and the way they packed breakfast for us! Even when I write this, she tells me to ensure I cover all the aspects of the resort as she loved it! I personally enjoyed my stay too. The resort is perfect for couples looking for honeymoon resorts in Darjeeling or for families who are looking for comfortable and family-friendly hotels in Darjeeling.

Kanchenjunga view point is about 2 minutes walk from the resort | Source: Kunal_Mukherjee, TripAdvisor

  • By Road/Rail, take a bus or a train from Kolkata to Siliguri. I suggest to take an overnight luxury bus from Kolkata for Siliguri. 
  • By Air, take a flight to Bagdodra or Kolkata airport. If you're flying to Bagdodra, then simply hire a cab for Darjeeling from the airport. And if you're coming to Kolkata instead, follow the first pointer to reach Siliguri. 
  • On reaching Siliguri, you shall find sharing Sumos that take you to Darjeeling for Rs 150 per person. There are private cabs available too; just inquire around. 
  • On reaching Darjeeling, arrange for a pickup from the resort or walk it up! You can hire a coolie to carry your luggage and walk till the resort. 


Watch my Darjeeling vlog!

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