Coorg Cliffs Resort: Where Nature Meets Luxury

by - November 12, 2019

I was travelling to Coorg solo from Mysore and was looking for a resort to relax and refresh after a 35-day trip around India. Coorg being my last destination before I spend a night in Bangalore, I did not want to settle with anything less. I was looking for luxury resorts in Coorg when I stumbled upon Coorg Cliffs Resort. Just reading it made me sure of its incredible views so I went to their website and was blown over with the fact that they have an infinity pool! You simply book asap after knowing a resort has an infinity pool!

Lucky for me, the general manager of the resort was travelling from Mysore to Coorg on the same day as me, so the team asked me if I would like to join him instead of taking a bus from Mysore to Coorg. Though that meant I was missing on an adventure, I couldn't reject. I reached the resort in about three hours, comfortably, without having to put a strain on my mind. 

Located at an altitude of 3398 ft from the sea level, the coffee Capital Coorg is a magic to behold. Scenic views abound here and Coorg Cliffs Resort stands in its heart helping you unleash the land's soul. The 9 acres resort is situated at Hanchikad in Pollibeta and offers a hospitality experience that spreads across 300 acres of lush green plantation area. It’s built around trees and displays an eco friendly design evolved on the natural lay of the land. It's where the nature meets the luxury.

I was extremely excited to stay at the Coorg Cliffs Resort because of the infinite views, the ambience, nature around, and the pool, of course. I was looking forward to it since the first day of my 40-day solo trip around India; heck, I guess, I've been dreaming about swimming here ever since I booked my stay!

When I entered their property, I was astonished to see such a dense border of coffee trees welcoming me with their green fruits and aroma. I remember turning my head from left to right, trying to capture as much as possible from my eyes as well as my camera lenses. I wish I could express how keen I was to step out of the car and rush towards the trees. 

On reaching the resort, I was welcomed with a glass of organic ginger jaggery coffee and a wet towel for refreshment. I understood the kind of hospitality and was much pleased. After the check-in formalities, I was escorted to my room.

My room lied in the first cottage and was located on the top. I was so grateful I was given this room. It was a suite with an attached balcony that threw such a mind-blowing view, I don't know what to say! Since I was travelling solo, I preferred staying in the balcony more than the room. Irrespective of what time of the day it is, you would always find me in the balcony, listening to the guitar on my phone and either doodling, writing or just reflecting on myself. I would even sit in the balcony late nights when I used to be accompanied by insects and a cool breeze. The kind of experience I've had here was truly unwinding, soul-stirring. I wish you were with me then, I'm sure you would have felt the same.

My room was huge with a spacious bed, good enough for three people to sleep in without any discomfort. The tv and ac worked fine. The WiFi was stable and was spread across the resort.  You know how important WiFi is to me! There were branded toiletries, a pair of home slippers, a plate of cookies, and a bowl of fresh fruits to welcome me in. You get two complimentary water bottles every day and a mini-fridge for other needs. 

The bed is comfy, the toilet is clean, and the room-cleaning happens after just a call. Overall, the cleanliness of the entire resort is to appreciate. 

On the last day of my stay here, I had called in for room-cleaning and oh my gosh, about four members from the staff came in with a bucket of supplies resembling soldiers with arms. My room turned aromatic and I wished I didn't leave the place. My stay experience became twice beautiful after my room was cleaned!

The restaurant is attached to the lobby and is sparkly clean with the pool view. I always chose the seat near to the glass wall to simply enjoy the pool view while relishing on tasty food. They have indoor dining as well as outdoor dining. 

The food quality and taste are noteworthy, needless to say. My room-plan included breakfast so every morning I enjoyed wholesome food that kept me full until early evening. From fresh fruit juices to pineapple sheera, aloo paratha, dosa, uttapam...the breakfast used to be a delicious affair! 

What do I talk about the amenities? Apart from the incredibly huge and gorgeous infinity pool, they have another pool, equally good. With indoor activities like carrom, table tennis, foosball, chess, etc. and outdoor activities such as badminton, cycling, cricket, you are definitely going to have a blast here! 

Coorg Cliffs Resort is a perfect place for a staycation because even if you're not much interested to explore Coorg, you can still have a truly relaxing experience on this hill station as the resort has so much to offer! Since I was alone, I played table tennis and carrom with the resort staff and that was the best thing to happen to me here! I simply love to play! And the fact that a female staff escorted me to all these places was incredibly thoughtful. They also have a tie-up with cab drivers so your sightseeing and pickup drops are taken care of!

On the last evening, I cycled around the property. The staff was so caring and cautious that they made sure I don't venture on the slopes. They told me multiple times to cycle on the plains. 

Another special point I would like to mention is the nature/plantation walk. It's about a 45-min walk around the property where the in-house naturalist shows you around different plants and trees including coffee. All your coffee-related doubts will be answered by him! You'll come across papaya trees, coffee trees, pepper vines, silver oak trees, wild mushrooms, birds, insects, and also elephant dung that's sure to catch your interest as the stories behind are worth listening. The nature walk happens in the mornings and evenings and is a must-do activity in the resort. Please keep a morning or an evening off to catch this walk in nature. 

I would suggest you book a stay at Coorg Cliffs Resort without any second thought. The infinity pool, the huge rooms with spacious balconies, the cleanliness, the extremely friendly and adorable staff, the yummy food, the number of amenities, hospitality, and so much worth every penny! Just go for it and have an amazing time in Coorg! Definitely a must! 

Raja’s Seat - 36 km (Seat of the King & view Point)
Abbey Falls - 43 km (The waterfall is located between private coffee plantations with stocky coffee bushes and spice estates with trees entwined with pepper vines)
Mandalapatti - 54 km (It is a popular tourist destination which provides beautiful views atop the western ghats over lush forests) 
Tadiandamol - 45 km (Thadiyandamol is the highest mountain of Kodagu district. It is the third highest peak in Karnataka)
Dubare Elephant Camp - 27 km (Provides an Elephant interaction along with the Safari)
Nisargadhama - 37 km (Island formed by river Kaveri with animal feeding farms and popular picnic spot)
Golden Temple - 44 km (The Namdroling Nyingmapa Monastery is the largest teaching center of the Nyingma lineage of Tibetan Buddhism in the world)
Iruppu Waterfall - 45 km (The best time to visit the Falls is during the monsoons, when the Falls is at full capacity and is a breathtaking sight)

  • From Mysore or Bangalore, take a bus for Virajpet and get down at Gonikopalu (Gonikoppal). 
  • From Gonikopalu, take an auto (for Rs 350 approx) or a cab (for Rs 1000 approx) to the resort.
  • Alternatively, you can get down at Madikeri instead of Gonikopalu. This route is longer so takes more time and is more expensive too.

Telephone: +91 8549053184 | 8549053184
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