10 Self-Care Tips You Must Implement in Your Life

by - September 26, 2019

We are at a stage where hustle and bustle is not just a part of life, it has become our lives. No matter how much at peace we think we feel, we all are a part of the hustle this century carries in itself. We are at a stage where we care only about the superficial things just to look cool or feel cool but self-care is important no matter how much you want to ignore it. Self-care is the key to inner happiness and peace. To begin with, we must do the reality check – the world we have inside our phones on the internet is not real; what real is the everyday struggle we face from the time we open our eyes till the time we close our eyes; and in between, we got a little time for ourselves which we waste either on internet or sleeping in odd hours, which might give you the energy for a few hours but it ends up causing a delay in your normal schedule. This needs to change and it will be changed only when you take baby steps towards self-care.

Here are some self-care tips for you which can be easily managed with your daily schedule.

Do a little happy dance
This is a celebration of the small achievements you want to celebrate with yourself. It can be as small as opening a tight jar's cap or as big as being appreciated by your boss. Happiness is happiness; it comes in a free size. So turn on your go-to dance song and appreciate yourself for all the challenges you've won today.

Have a spa day once in a month
The spa is one of the best ways to relax. Going for a spa might be a little time consuming but you always get weekends and you can choose at least one weekend for this. It will not only help to relax your body but also help you relax your mind as it takes you away from the 'life is a race' game to a peaceful time relaxing with yourself.

Diary Writing
A lot of people complain that it's a time-consuming process or not everyone can be comfortable in writing because of the fear that others might read it is real. If you can't do it regularly, it's ok but you can do it for the times when you are very sad or very happy, it can make you think more and more thoughts which might make you happier when you are happy or it can motivate you within yourself at the time of sadness. During the time of anger, it is better to write then to yell at someone else, as you might be thinking of just your side of the story (which is the case most of the times) so it will help you make a sensible decision at many times. 

Cook yourself a healthy meal
Cooking can be an excuse to spend a little time with yourself as it allows you to give some moments with yourself to think and to create something. Adding cooking in your daily schedule can change your mood. By cooking I mean a healthy meal, junk food these days is very easy and cheap to get and it will satisfy your taste buds but it upsets your body and its metabolism to a different level. A healthy meal will make you calm, fill your stomach and you can always experiment when you cook for yourself.

Keep your room clean and scented
A dirty room can always drive you into a bad mood without your acknowledgement. You will see the change in mood when you clean your room or your house. A clean space reflects positive vibes which naturally makes your mood better. After cleaning, spray a room freshener or you can keep scented candles in your room to make yourself more calm and relaxed.

Say goodbye to toxic people
But how? That is the question. Because most of the toxic people are the ones who come across us daily and no matter what, we just can't ignore them all of a sudden. This thing should start with baby steps. In the start, you can keep a little distance with them and slowly, keep increasing that distance. Eventually, all the toxicity will fade away without any awkwardness.

Read an inspirational book
Words have a huge impact on our lives and what we read reflects in our personality. Reading an inspirational book helps in building a better personality as well as it inspires you to do more things in life.

Watch comedy Films / Series
Comedy can do wonders, the reason why it is the part of self-care tips is that we all know that laughter is the best medicine. It will make you forget all the tensions from your life at least for the time being and help you reduce stress.

Have a long bath once a week
The bathroom is the best place to think and relax so get ready with those scented candles, bath bombs, essential oils, and your favourite drink and spend a long time with light music in your bath. It will give a sense of satisfaction and keep you calm.

Take a few minutes to think
This is the most important self-care tip as thinking allows you to get into perspective in this world full of opinions. Doesn't matter how busy you are, take 10 minutes just to sit silently and think. Think about the whole day, think about what you have done and what you could've done better. Learn from everything but don't have any regrets. 

Make self-care an important part of your life as you are going to stay with yourself in this body forever. Make each day better than your past without any regrets. Start the things you always wanted to and leave the worries behind.

Written by Harshita Sharma
Edited by Rutuja Bhagwat

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