5 Best Food Joints You Cannot Miss When in Indore

by - September 07, 2019

Indore city without a doubt is the capital of street food in Central India. If you are in Indore, you cannot resist eating at these best food joints in Indore, even if you are already full. Every other person here is fond of street food and every food joint has its own stories. Some food joints were founded decades ago and their food has the same demand in the present day or we can say, it becomes higher with the years passing. As the population of Indore is increasing due to industrialization, big universities, and coaching, the number of customers to these stalls is increasing too. According to a survey by Indorizayka, in 2018, 350 new cafés opened within a year in Indore. In the last few years, Indore has created its biggest food market in Madhya Pradesh. From fast food to snacks to a full-pack meal, you name it and have dozen of options at your disposal. You can also call Indore a place with ‘never-ending food joints.’ 

Here are the 5 best food joints in Indore that are definitely must visit:

1. Joshi Dahi Vada House

Located in the night food-market 'Sarafa', the Joshi Dahi Vada House serves the best dahi vadas you have ever tasted, and not only the taste but the style in which our Joshi Ji makes the vadas will surely blow your mind. Besides dahi vada, they serve ‘Bhutte ki Kachori’ (Kachori with Indian corn filling) and ‘Bhutte ka Kees’ (salted pudding made of Indian corn). It is one of the oldest and most famous food joints in Indore and all these dishes they serve have Indori touch which you cannot find easily somewhere else!

2. Johnny Hot Dog

Situated in Chappan (56) shops aka the heart of the city, this Indore food joint serves the best hot dogs in Indore, as they are delicious and pocket-friendly. Johnny Hotdog is appreciated by many celebrities and chefs all over the country. Most recently they published in Forbes India as their signature veg hot dog was the ‘Most popular menu item in the Asia Pacific’ on Uber eats. You can now understand how popular this food joint is! They have Veg hot dog, Banjo, Mutton hot dog and many other variants. This is definitely one of the best food joints in Indore that you must visit with your family and friends. 

3. Vijay Chaat House

That one place which always pops up when you think of Indian snacks is Vijay Chaat house for Indories. It is one of the oldest food joints in Indore and famous for its very own ‘Khopra Pattis’ (deep-fried mashed potato balls with the flavour crushed coconut) and many other Indian snacks and desserts. They have several food joints in Indore but the most famous ones are located in Sarafa bazaar and Chappan shops. 

4. Prashant Nashta Corner

Prashant Nashta Corner is located at Geeta Bhawan area in Indore. They serve different kind of foods from Indian snacks to South Indian, North Indian, and special thalis. Their most famous dish is Usal Poha. It is a dish invented in Indore; usal is a curry which is mixed in poha to make it tastier than the regular poha. It is the most loved breakfast of all time for Indories. Due to its location, Prashant Nashta Corner attracts many hostellers, coaching and college-going students from that area.

5. Karnawat Paan

After all the food you have consumed, it is now time for the post-food ritual i.e. a mouth freshener. Paan (betel leaf) is the most loved form of mouth freshener in India. Paans have evolved so much in past few years, they are not simple anymore, there are so many experimental flavours added to them now: from Chocolate paan to fire paan to simple meetha paan, you name it and they have it all! Karnawat has their paan corners throughout the city. Most famous outlets are at New Palasia and Tower square area.

Above are the 5 best food joints in Indore that you must visit. All these food joints serve the most famous dishes in Indore which have a taste to die for and you should experience at least once in your lifetime. All of them are family-friendly as well as youth-friendly food joints in Indore, so what are you waiting for? If you are a full-time foodie then Indore is definitely a good option for your next vacation destination.

Written by Harshita Sharma
Edited by Rutuja Bhagwat

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