Top 8 Housewarming Gift Ideas for Everyone

by - August 04, 2019

Whether your friend is newly married and has moved into a new house or a relative has bought a new apartment, you must be thinking of what to give as a housewarming gift. Whether it is a casual party in someone's new house or Gruha Pravesh pooja, it is good manners to congratulate the residents with a gift. Even if your budget is not too high, you can definitely bring a present when you visit someone's new house for the first time. And worry not, you can even opt for online delivery, if for some reason you cannot go shopping.

From something as fresh as an indoor plant to a scented candle, here's my list of top housewarming gifts for every budget –

Photo frame or a painting
The frame could be of any type. You can print a happy picture of the friend/relative and put it in a frame and gift them. Or maybe you can simply gift an exclusive frame without a picture. Photo frames are not expensive.
If you think gifting a photo frame is cliche, you can gift an art frame maybe. Something like wall decor, canvas painting, 3d painting, etc. 

Vacuum cleaner
I had to mention a vacuum cleaner on this list. I would love if someone gifts me a vacuum cleaner as this is something really handy to clean sofas, curtains, etc. You get handy vacuum cleaners in the market, so worry not. And in case you do not want to lift it, you can surely opt for online delivery. 

Candle set
Honestly, I would never purchase a candle set myself unless I need it as a prop. Giving a candle set, especially the one that is infused with aroma, is a gift your friend/relative would truly like. The candle sets even come with other aromatic supplies like incense sticks and really pretty faux flowers. 

Bath accessory set
I love those ceramic bath accessories! They look extremely stylish when put together in a bathroom setting. I suggest you go with a universal colour like black, white, grey, or a mix of these so that they suit any sort of bathroom theme.

Bedsheet set
When we moved into our new house, we got a couple of bedsheet sets and they're something we would never buy. I mean, we go for bedsheets from the local store and not a big brand. So I felt good after receiving bedsheet sets that actually covered the entire bed without us needing to constantly pull its ends. 

Coaster set
Coasters are truly neglected items in the house. People would rather clean a tea stain than use a coaster. However, if you gift a classy coaster set to someone, that perhaps comes with a tea kettle or pretty glasses, I think they would really love it (and use it too!). 

Indoor plant
What can be better than gifting an indoor plant, the one that keeps the house alive? If you don't trust your friend/relative's patience in watering the plant and if you fear its death, then the best option would be an indoor cactus or an aloe vera. I have these plants at my house and they hardly need any watering! My aloe vera had turned yellow but once we moved its position, it started growing so beautifully that it has about 20 children growing in different pots now! Both these plants don't need everyday watering. Heck! You can even water them whenever you remember and they still grow. 
You can gift an indoor cactus/aloe vera in a beautiful ceramic pot. And if you don't know how to carry a plant to someone's house, you can opt for delivery online.

Flower vase
We all love flowers, however, the flowers are not constant. They bloom, they stay, and they fall. So if you hate how flowers wither away, you can gift a vase with faux flowers. You can buy a sleek, tall vase and put plastic flowers and twigs in them. Yet again, you can choose delivery online from a service such as Dunzo that lets you pick up and drop stuff for you! 

With this list, I hope you find the perfect housewarming gift and have an amazing online delivery experience.

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