How to Transport Your Pet Within India Via Road, Rail, Air – For Every Budget

by - August 19, 2018

The first thing that occurs to your mind as soon you think of shifting your base to another city in India is your pet. It's still effortless if you are moving intrastate as you can simply drive down to the new city. However, if you want to transport your pet from the western part of India to the eastern or from the northern to the southern, then the roads don't seem like a good option--or simply, you don't think of them at the first go. And then you start your research. Sometimes it might happen that your parents ask you to give your pet for adoption but you know that it's not even an option. It can get disappointing, especially if you don't find answers to your questions anywhere. 

Recently, I had popped a question on my Instagram about transporting a pet within India and I had received multiple options of doing so. Whatever information I collected--and the mode we finally settled for in order to transport my cousin's pet dog Mufasa from Kolkata to Mumbai--I shall share it below, along with the contact of a pet transporter I spoke to.

No matter what mode you choose, the only aspect to look for is the way your pet is being transported. Some ways might be near to torture for your pet, and some would be near to being comfortable. Also, some might be too expensive for you and some, a little tedious, but surely worth it.

Before we discover our modes of transport, it is necessary to know the details required for the transportation. Before choosing a mode, you are asked to arrange documents regarding your pet:


1) Whether it is fit to travel - a document signed by a practising vet stating he/she has examined the pet and that the pet is fit to travel. The document also includes the age and name of the pet along with the name of the owner.
2) Vaccination documents - this is not always compulsory, but it is good to have it handy with you. 
3) ID proof - you also need to submit your identity proof

These documents are for the dog breeds like Labrador, Indian, or a Lab-Indian mix. You might need more document(s) if your dog is an imported breed like Husky, Saint Bernard, etc. Contact the subsequent services/people and they shall help you with all the details. 


The best option to transport your pet via road is in your car. I would suggest you go on a road trip from Destination A to Destination B. Even if the kilometres are astonishing and the expense, possibly a lot, you would have your pet by your side when you travel. Nothing is as relaxing as having your beloved wagging its tail or meowing next to you. And, the total cost required for a road trip (including the stay, petrol, and food) will be lesser than transporting your pet via pet transporters. When I had enquired about transporting the 6-month-old Mufasa from Kolkata to Mumbai, the charges were Rs. 60,000. 

Let's calculate how much an independent road trip would cost for the same distance:
Mumbai to Kolkata distance is 2,055 km. Let's say you drive 500 km per day, then you would require around 5 days to reach Mumbai, which means you will have to spend about four nights in a hotel. Keeping a budgeted hotel in mind, you shell total Rs. 4,000 for your stay. And for food, keep aside Rs. 1,000 per day. Therefore, you spend around Rs. 9,000 for your stay and food. The petrol needed would be around 147 litres and considering your car gives a mileage of 14, you would spend about Rs. 12,500 on petrol. If it's a diesel car, then you pay only Rs. 10,300. 
Therefore, the total cost of transporting a dog in your own vehicle would be Rs. 12,500 + Rs. 9,000 = Rs. 21,500

You save more than 30 grand if you drive and transport your pet yourself.

Besides, if you want to transport your pet through a pet transporting service, then the rate is around Rs. 60,000 inclusive of the person travelling to and fro, your pet's food, and its care. However, the rate increases along with the weight/age and the breed of your pet. (Contact Laxmi on +919773509151.)


There's another option for transporting your pet within India: the railways. The pet transporters do transfer your pet via railway too, however, the charge is the same (Rs. 60,000). If you want to travel with your pet on a train, you have to book a first class coach and buy two coupe tickets. This would cost you around Rs. 45,000 (but the good thing is, you travel with your pet).

Another inexpensive way to transport your pet via railways is using the cargo. As usual, you need to submit the respective documents and then transport your pet in the cargo compartment. The charges depend on the weight and might cost you around Rs. 2,000 one way (depends on the distance and type of train too). This is the cheapest option but leaving your pet in the cargo compartment, that too inside a cage, is torturous. I don't recommend the cargo option.

To inquire about this, go to the Destination A railway station's Cargo department.


Lastly, the best option is transporting your pet via air. The government-owned Air India lets you transport your pet via its cargo and the rate is affordable. You need to buy a plane ticket for yourself and then before boarding a flight, just like you weigh your luggage, you weigh your pet (including its cage). Just give them a heads up before! Check out their website for details.

Airways was the winner in our case as my cousin flew Mufasa from Kolkata to Mumbai on Air India flight. The cage weighed around 28 kgs for which he had to pay about Rs. 9,500 plus my cousin's flight ticket, which was around Rs. 3,500. So he had to shell around Rs. 13,000, which is a cheap option as well as the quickest way to transport your pet, thus ensuring it is back on a stable land within a few hours only.

Which option did you like more?

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