Conditioner for Coloured Hair! – Amazon Series Tucuma Color Preservation Conditioner Review

by - August 28, 2018

After going through a horrible hair phase – which lasted for about two months – I finally thought of doing something about it. I applied a homemade hair mask that transformed my hair from dull, lifeless, thick, and rough to smooth, silky, and nourished hair. I was surprised seeing the result and loved looking at my hair in the mirror (which was contrary to what I felt for the past two months). I was determined to nurture my hair henceforth so finally decided to purchase a shampoo and conditioner meant for coloured hair. 

I had recently met a hair stylist on a trip and he suggested me the MuruMuru shampoo, conditioner, and hair mask from the Amazon Series collection. I had even placed the order but cancelled it thinking I needed products to preserve the hair colour prominently. So I bought the Tucuma Color Preservation conditioner and after reading its ingredients, was sure about its quality. 


The Amazon Series Tucuma Color Preservation Conditioner by DeFabulous combines all the benefits of tucuma butter along with advanced colour preservation technology to infuse moisture and protection to dry, chemically stressed hair. The natural acids and vitamins found in the tucuma butter along with the anti-fade technology infuse the Amazon Series Tucuma Color Preservation conditioner with protection, detangling and intense hydration. High in Vitamin A, the antioxidant properties in this exotic Amazonian butter formula help to keep the hair soft, smooth and nourished. 
  • Specially formulated for highlighted and colour treated hair
  • With Tucuma Butter, Acai Berry, Keratin, Brazil Nut, and Collagen
  • Contains no parabens


The product comes in a brown, translucent bottle with a black cap. The brand, product name, directions to use, and other details are printed on the bottle, however, the printing can easily come off after using the product for a good amount of time. There is a rectangular opening through which one needs to squeeze out the product. But the consistency doesn't allow the easy slip of the conditioner, which makes it very difficult to take the conditioner on your palms. You need to keep the bottle upside down for the cream to reach the cap. While using the product, I had to take out the entire cap and then push the bottle downwards several times to get the conditioner out on my hand. This is a major concern as far as the packaging goes. There should have been a pump dispenser instead of the rectangular opening.

DIRECTIONS TO USE: After rinsing off the shampoo, squeeze excess water from your hair. Apply a generous amount of the conditioner on damp hair and comb through. Rinse and towel dry.


The consistency is typical conditioner-like. It isn't liquid at all so the chances of spilling seem very low. As far as the fragrance goes, it is going to linger on your strands for a very long time (and you might even catch its whiff on the second day after the wash). The fragrance is delicious! You would feel like licking the product; it's that tempting! It's towards the fruity side and is not strong at all. It is mild yet sticks in your hair for a long time. Loved the way it makes me feel!


To test this conditioner, I used a little amount of my previous DeFabulous Reviver Hair Repair shampoo and then rinsed it off. I then squeezed out excess water from hair and smeared a generous amount of the Tucuma Color Preservation conditioner and kept it for  3 minutes. I finally rinsed it off using cold water. I did not apply any hair serum thereafter. 

REVIEW: My hair was soft, fragrant, bouncy, and nourished. The conditioner seemed to have worked pretty well on my strands. After using it once, this is how I conclude, however, if, on future washes, I ever feel the conditioner is not up to the mark, I shall edit the part here, and will update you on social media too. (For an overall review, read the To Sum It Up section & read my 3-year review towards the end.)


- Fruity fragrance
- The silky, smooth hair
- The powerful ingredients (it has Amazonian wonders + includes keratin too!)
- The overall hair after application
- Doesn't weigh down hair
- No hair fall noticed
- Paraben-free


- It is a little pricey
- Difficult to take the product out of the bottle


You can take a look at the above collage and clearly see how smooth and voluminous my hair look. They're smooth to touch too and have become easy to manage. The fragrance is mesmerising and I definitely vouch for it. The ingredients include some of Amazon forest's wonders, that of which has been proved to be really nourishing for your hair. I noticed no hair fall or any side effect after the application. My scalp did not produce excess oil, hence, did not weigh my hair down. No dryness of scalp sensed. Overall, I loved the Amazon Series Tucuma Color Preservation conditioner, however, shall wait for some more applications and then be the best judge. Like mentioned above, if there is any change in my thoughts, I shall edit the copy on this post. But for the time being, I definitely recommend the product, as it is paraben-free plus is keratin infused!


Three years later, 3 bottles later, and another bottle sitting in my cart, I can definitely say, it's the best conditioner I have ever purchased! Makes my hair super smooth, bouncy, nourished, and voluminous. I recommend it to everyone with coloured and damaged hair. I just hope they never stop manufacturing this product. 

Weight: 250 ml
Price: Rs. 1530

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