Summer Skin Care Tips

by - May 04, 2019

My skin and hair usually ride on a tide I feel. Sometimes they’re so good, sometimes they’re damaged. I remember I used to apply face masks before any important day. So whether it is Diwali or a vacation, I pampered my skin with a routine before any festival. My dad had bought these masks from Italy or someplace and I was unaware of their price. However, now when I study the market, I figure out that these masks were definitely not something I could afford on a regular basis. Right now an average face mask costs around Rs 99 and honestly, that’s too much for me. 

I also used exfoliating scrubs. But now when I look back, I feel disgusted to have used these on my skin. Now my summer skincare routine includes homemade solutions and a few trusted products that I don’t think I’ll be trading any time soon. 


For glowing and healthy skin, the first and the foremost thing is internal hydration. When people say water and liquids are important, they have a reason behind that. Personally, including liquids in my diet have worked wonders on my skin. My face feels more dewy, healthy, and fresh – so much that I don’t use any foundation anymore! I just put on sunscreen and kajal, and I’m good to go out. My skin has transformed, thanks to the liquid intake!


I have a list of my personal favourites that I’ve been consuming this summer. Starting from something as basic as water, I try to drink a glass whenever I remember. Next, buttermilk. The thinner the buttermilk, the better. I don’t add anything in the buttermilk such as salt, pepper, coriander leaves. I simply take a tablespoon of curd, add water, and whisk it. Buttermilk is such a blessing to your stomach in summer. Other summer drinks that you should include are aam panna (kairiche panhe/raw mango juice) and kokum sherbet. Usually, kokum sherbet has basil and cumin seeds extract, making it more preferable to beat the heat inside your body. Another way is to soak basil seeds overnight and consume them with milk and sugar the next day. Basil seeds take away the heat from the body.

Another liquid in my diet is vegetable and fruit juices. I’ve been drinking a glass of homemade juice every morning since three weeks now. I have seen the results on my skin and the overall hydration that keeps me going throughout the day. I recently got a juicer that makes this process even simpler. In summer, your energy is totally down and having these juices just boost you up. After waking up in the morning, I drink one glass of water, followed by the juice of the day. The first option is to mix and match the fruits at home. For instance, today morning I gulped a juice of chikoo, banana, and musk melon. The other day, I drank juice made out of oranges, bananas, and mangoes. If there is no fruit, I take vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumbers, and coriander leaves. Next preference goes to water. And if at all the main ingredients require milk instead of water, I take 40% milk and 60% water. I don’t add sugar to my juices. If my mom has soaked basil seeds, I put those in the juicer too. I sometimes add dry fruits such as dried figs and almonds. 

The main motive why I drink a glass of juice every morning is to provide energy, and not for filling my stomach. That is, we don’t have juices to replace the breakfast. We just drink them to keep us hydrated and boost the dropped sugar levels in the body. 


I am just too strict when it comes to washing my face. Even if I’m dead tired, I still wash my face before sleeping. Whenever I feel sticky and oily, I wash my face. I can’t function with a greasy face. 

I clean my face using a face wash about thrice a day (sometimes even four times a day). Firstly, I wash it as soon as I brush my teeth to take off oils released over the night. Then, I wash while showering followed by if I’m going out in the evening. Lastly, I wash it before sleeping. 

Along with these, I keep on splashing water on my face from time to time without a face wash. Washing face instantly mattifies it. I use the basic variant of Clean and Clear face wash and have been using it for eight years now. 


Well, I am not a big fan of sunscreen and have recently started using one. Like I said before, I hate to have an oily, sticky skin, which is why using products on my face is a big no. But finally I found a sunscreen that doesn’t make my skin greasier and in fact, hydrates it with its aloe vera extracts. Though the product has a low 20 SPF, I somehow love it. I use Blossom Kochhar Aloe Vera Sunscreen Gel. On my travels, I use a higher SPF. I can’t really recommend a sunscreen however the one by Solasafe is medicinal and comes with a 50 SPF. Another such promising product is by Ansolar, which has 60 SPF. Both these sunscreens are recommended by dermatologists. I have tried Solasafe sunscreen before and surely liked its result. Might buy it sometime in the future. I suggest visiting a dermatologist if you have sensitive or acne-prone skin and are unsure which sunscreen to pick. 


Well, there are a number of home remedies to remove tan. In summer, tanning is inevitable so apart from taking measures to avoid a tan, you must also know how to remove sun tan naturally at home. A few people suggest rubbing aloe vera gel, whereas a few suggest applying tomato mask. However, I personally use a homemade mask made out of aloe vera to reduce tanning. You can check it here:

Many women opt for salon services such as anti-tanning wax, anti-tanning facial, etc. I simply suggest you to try the above homemade recipe twice a week to get brighter, glowing skin and quicken the process of de-tanning. 


Don't let your hair touch your face
If your hair frequently touches your face then refrain from doing so. The oils and dirt from your hair transfer to your face, thus causing acne and other skin problems. Therefore, tuck your tresses behind your ears or simply tie them up. 

Drink lots of liquids that are sans soda or added sugar
When I say drink lots of liquids, your diet soda or canned juices don't count. Any drink that contains soda, sugar or alcohol should be kept away and instead, homemade juices should be consumed. And again, don't add sugar! The natural sugars are just fine, however, if you're diabetic, you might want to ask your doctor first. Apart from homemade fruit and vegetable juices, liquids like sugarcane juice, buttermilk, lemonade, kokum sherbet, coconut water, aam panna are excellent to beat the heat. 

Drink water
In summers, you dehydrate quicker which is why you need the right amount of water intake. All of us have read that we should be drinking 8 glasses of water per day, however, keeping track on the water intake can be challenging. Furthermore, you need to master the art of drinking more water

Avoid oily food
Schezwan noodles sound fascinating but it has a lot of oil in it. Also, fried food like samosa, wada, pakoda, etc. are all delicious but keep them away in summers, please. Having oily food is going to break out your skin leading to pimples, acne. If hungry, you can have simple food such as sandwiches, poha, roti sabzi, etc.

Cover your skin with scarf and light jacket when travelling 
I know, not many people like to cover themselves in scarves and even I was one of those. However, of late, I have realised that a piece of clothing is the best sun protection factor out there. If you're embarrassed by a scarf, take it off for photographs or before reaching to your lunch date.

Don’t forget to put on sunblock on your face and exposed body parts before stepping out
Dermatologists say you must apply sunblock even if you are staying at home because the UV rays tend to pass through the walls. So please, at least when you're not at home, smear some sun protection lotion before stepping out. Read this article by Hindustan Times for more myth-busting sunblock facts. 

For instant freshness, carry rosewater/plain water and splash it on your face
In humid weather, your skin gets oily and greasy immediately. To feel fresh and take off the oils and dirt, just carry rosewater or plain water in a spray bottle and spritz on your face. Later, lightly dab using a face towel to instantly refresh yourself. This is especially amazing when you don't have access to clean water around you. 

Carry blotting paper/tissues/napkins to take off oils from the face
Or if you are wearing makeup and don't want to spritz water on the face, carry a pack of pocket tissues or blotting papers. Simply dab it on the skin to take off oils and mattify your skin.

Use wet wipes for instant freshness when travelling
Another alternative to instant freshness is using wet wipes. Carry those refreshing ones that have fragrances of aqua, lemon, etc. ideally with aloe vera extracts. Avoid floral fragrances or makeup wipes. 

If you are confused about the ideal sunscreen, visit a dermatologist for advice
I am still not very sure about the ideal sunscreen; I'm still figuring that out. However, if you have sensitive skin or have had bad past experience, then I highly suggest visiting a dermatologist. The doctor would analyse your skin type, your activeness, and other factors. Most of my best friends use sunblocks, moisturisers, and face wash recommended by dermatologists and I find it brilliant. 

Mangoes contain vitamins A and C that helps in clearing out the skin and bring radiance
I always had a misconception that eating mangoes lead to pimples, however ever since I came to know that mangoes help in making the skin radiant, thanks to dietician Rujuta Diwekar, I have started eating mangoes again, without any hesitation. And I have observed the difference. The day I eat mangoes, I am happier and my skin glows! 

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