Home Remedy to Remove Tan: How to Remove Sun Tan Naturally at Home

by - April 22, 2019

Regardless of whether I have day plans in other seasons or not, somehow I always end up going on trips in summers. And, most of these trips involve beaches or waterparks or staying under the sun. Therefore, tanning is inevitable. Usually, I don't pay much heed to remove tans and let this process happen gradually. However, if in mood, I try out various masks and recipes to remove the suntan. 

I have been rubbing aloe vera gel on my face and arms to remove the tan but this time around thought I should be adding some more ingredients and make a face mask instead. I have been ignoring my skin and hair for a few months now and could hence see the aftermath. I was determined to working on myself, especially because I had been on two back to back day trips, both of which ruined my hair and skin. 

For hair, I applied the homemade hair mask for smooth and bouncy hair. And for the face, I tried out the natural homemade face mask for removing sun tan. Read below for the recipe and how to apply it!


1 tbsp curd
1 tsp gram flour
1/2 tsp turmeric
1 tbsp aloe vera gel

Take an aloe vera leaf and extract its gel. Mix all the ingredients in a bowl to make a smooth cream. You can also grind the mixture for a smoother consistency. Wet your face and neck. Concentrate the face mask on the areas that are more damaged. For instance, your forehead, tip of the nose, and the apple of the cheeks are more exposed to the sun than the rest of your face. Apply more layers on these parts. Don't forget your neck! Massage in circular motions and spread the mask evenly. Repeat the steps until the mixture is used up. 

Keep the mask on for 15-20 minutes, or preferably until the mask dries. Rinse using tap water.  Apply this mask twice a week for best results. 

Caution: Some people are allergic to turmeric and aloe vera. Please diagnose yourself and apply at your own risk. 

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