How to Boost Instagram Followers – 100% Workable Tips to Gain Instagram Followers & Increase Engagement

by - April 23, 2019

I am impressed seeing how social media like Instagram let anyone be what they want and promote or start a business on this platform. One of the toughest struggles while starting out on Instagram is gaining followers and increasing engagement. If you want to take your business on the next level, you should be aware of how to boost Instagram followers and keep them engaged with your content. 

The tips are simple but the majority of these have one undertone: research and lots of research.


Using correct hashtags

I see people using a certain set of hashtags to increase visibility and likes, however, if you want brands/audience to reach out to you, you should use correct hashtags. Research the market, understand what hashtags are popular and trending currently. Research on what kind of hashtags are searched the most and use those. 

When brands/audience look up to Instagram to search something, they're likely to use hashtags beyond your guesses. For instance, if a brand is looking for bloggers in Mumbai, they would search for hashtags like #MumbaiBlogger #MumbaiFashionBlogger etc and not something that says #OOTD. 

Following people

Engaging with your audience is truly a key on Instagram. To boost followers, you need to understand what sort of people would follow you. Whom are you targetting? Is your content attractive to catch their attention and so on? Once you're aware of these people, go follow their accounts. If they like your content, they will follow back; if they don't, well, it was a bummer. Please do not unfollow as I'm sure they'll follow you in future if your content is good. 

If you later find out that their content is not good (just a couple of selfies and random photos), you can surely unfollow them. 

Conducting giveaway contests

The tip here is to accept only such contests that would have a high demand. I had conducted a giveaway contest of a dreamcatcher, and it was a huge failure. The brand, disappointed, did not even send a dreamcatcher to me, forget giving it to the winner. Later, I conducted a designer makeup giveaway contest and the participation was crazy! I had 100+ participants! 

Knowing what sort of giveaway works is highly important in boosting Instagram followers. 

Knowing your audience

A thorough insight into your followers' list is a must. If your followers include a majority of men, then producing a lot of feminine content would not keep them for a long time. However, displaying your beauty (natural, if the boys adore simplicity) or generic content would keep them interested in your feed for a long time. Similarly, if your followers are moderate spenders, then content that includes budget tips or cheap alternatives would work. It's about generating content your followers love.

Knowing what kind of photo works

Once you know your type of followers, you can then study what kind of photo is appreciated the most. In general, people want to see more of you, but not so much of you that your feed becomes a modelling portfolio. Personally, I want to see the person along with the background, especially if the photos have to do anything with promoting a place. Depending on your audience, scrutinise whether your followers love when you upload a selfie, a closeup shot, a complete head-to-toe shot, or a landscape picture (with or without you). Next step is simply to adhere to their choices and produce more of that. 

Interacting in Instagram stories

I am not a very 'story' person simply because I have another private account where I enjoy posting stories. However, of late, I have realised that engaging in stories keeps your followers interested. A few people upload a lot of stories, which certainly is repulsive. But uploading stories in a moderate number shall work well. You can talk in your stories, conduct polls, go live, ask questions, answer questions, share your daily life, share your latest uploads, share relatable content such as quotes or discussing trending topics like GOT, IPL, etc. 

Liking relevant pictures

Go to search/explore and randomly type in a relevant hashtag. For example, if you have uploaded a picture tagging #Lonavala, then type in that hashtag and 'like' all pictures under it. This is definitely a good way to boost your Instagram followers. 

Replying to DMs

Every time I reply to a DM, people message me with a "Thank you so much for replying me!" I reply to all the DMs, giving highest priority to the questions. This increases the trust between you and your followers and they know that they're not following some robot but an actual person. Everyone loves when you reply and you should try to cover all the DMs as possible. Ladies, if you spot a creep in them, without second thoughts, report the account and block him!

Shoutout for a shoutout

This is yet another method to boost your Instagram followers. Just do a shoutout for a shoutout. Please do not mind the number of followers the other person has as it is not important. What important is that you're getting exposed to real people. Even if you gain five followers out of this transaction, you have achieved your goal. 

Joining Instagram support groups

When all else fails, look for people who have the same goals as you. You can approach such people and form a support group yourself. Another way would be hunting for support groups and joining one. These groups swap comments and likes, thus helping your engagement and in return, boosting followers.

Posting other content apart from sponsored

I have seen a few really good brands/influencers post only about their products or endorsements. This is quite repulsive and sometime in future, your followers are going to understand that. Produce content for yourself too and not just promote a brand or a product.  Add some personal touch, open your hearts, create content for yourself. Go on a trip for you, wear something fashionable for you. Do not just share reviews and endorse brands!

Conducting meet-ups

I have never conducted a meetup but my followers ask me to. Meetups boost your followers by a word of mouth. A friend drags his friend for this meetup and just like that, you have gained a new follower. I personally cannot comment more on this but the idea seems workable.

Not taking your follower base for granted

Your followers should be your gods and goddesses. No kidding. Respect them and do not take them for granted. Reply to their DMs, understand what they want, engage with them, follow them back, show your gratitude. Remember, you've become what you have become because they've been following you. They have your backs, so please do not lose them. Even one follower is better than a no follower. 

What are your tricks to boost Instagram followers? Anything else you want to add to the list?

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