The Best Dandruff Shampoo + Review

by - March 12, 2016

I was going to write on this during the winter days, but could not. I'd thought that as it is summer right now, nobody would need a dandruff shampoo as the weather would not be as dry as it is during winters. However, since a couple of washes, I am noticing dandruff flakes all over again and thus I thought of sharing the best (and my favourite) dandruff shampoo. As my scalp becomes dry seasonally, I knew today was the exact day to write on this.

If you're expecting one of those commercial shampoos like Head & Shoulders or Clinic All Clear, then you're totally wrong. Those might be good for your hair, but for me, this medicinal Nizoral is the best shampoo I've ever tried and is totally effective.

I had no clue about it, but when I was at a salon, for a hair spa treatment, the beautician suggested me to get this, and on my way home, I purchased a bottle of it. The 50ml bottle costs Rs. 110 and I don't think it is really expensive. I've been using it for more than a year, though not every time I wash my hair, as it is not required for my scalp. 

I'm gonna quickly review the product so you know whether to buy it or no.

Packaging does not really matter in this case as it is a medicinal shampoo and not a commercial one. But, to give you a full-fledged review, I have to consider this aspect too. The packaging is not at all attractive and it seems like very less efforts had been taken while designing the bottle.

The flow is very smooth as you can easily squeeze the shampoo out of the bottle. It won't be a tedious task to take the shampoo on hand, even when it's about to get over.

The colour is sea blue and the consistency is much thicker than the regular shampoos. The fragrance is refreshing and I love it.

The shampoo comes with instructions printed behind the bottle. To apply, you must first wet the hair, take a bit of shampoo on your palm, apply it to all those areas where you feel itchy and are the dandruff-prone areas. Leave the shampoo on to hair for 2-3 minutes, while you do other cleansing activities like putting soap on your body. After 2-3 minutes, wash off the shampoo. 

The dandruff is reduced drastically, and you can say, it is as good as a clean scalp. Whenever I notice dandruff, I use this shampoo the next time, and I don't care about the dandruff for a good few weeks. It's hardly visible.

- Really removes dandruff
- Dandruff reduced after one wash
- Brings volume
- Does not dry the hair
-Does not dry the scalp

- Packaging not attractive
- Nizoral is said to not be used by pregnant and breastfeeding women
- Overuse might be harmful
- Time consuming (as we cannot immediately wash the shampoo)

Buy it!

Which dandruff shampoo do you use?

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