March 2016 Favourites

by - March 31, 2016

India's Performance in T20 World Cup
India has played so beautifully this world cup. Proud of the team. Great performance. (Excuse me as I watch the semis now.)

Long Posts
I love such long posts where I write everything in details. The posts are as long as 1000 words and the satisfaction in the end is worth it. Here are two of such posts:
Summer Handbag Essentials for College
How to Stay Motivated while Studying

First Guest Post
I wrote my blogger-life's first guest post in this month. Even this is one of those long posts I love. I got a great response for the post Handbag Essentials for Interns, which I published on my blog too. Check out the guest post here:

'How to Create a Blog' Posts
I was getting requests for this since so long. Finally I wrote two posts on starting a blog--How to Create a Blogger Blog and How to Start a Blog & What to Do after Starting It.

New Gym Buddy--My Mom
My mom joined the gym from this month and it's great to have her. At least I never felt like not going, as she was always there. I love how now I have a partner in the gym. I'm also surprised to see how superbly she exercises! Indeed, proud of her.

What are your March favourites?

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