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by - March 21, 2016

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When I was working for Zoom TV, I used to carry most of these items. They helped me to be ready to go to the Mehboob Studios, any time to take snaps of Salman Khan & co., and ensured I looked my best all the time.

One of the biggest problems that a college-going intern faces is what to carry in the handbag. The difficulty is in packing the bag perfect enough for college as well as for the job. And, if you are working in one of those top-most companies where you need to present yourself nicely too, then the struggle is real. From lunchbox to dry fruits and notebooks to scarves, I've covered it all. This list will help you to cope up with both the worlds, thus ensuring you don't miss out on anything.

So, here are the handbag must-haves, compiled together for you.

If you feel like you can miss out on college during internship, then you are wrong. College is more important than your internship, because education comes beforehand. Make sure you carry a thin notebook to write down notes as and when your professor dictates. I carry my 100 pages notebook, and trust me, it's too light to be real. You can use this Striped Notebook as it is lightweight and pretty.

As soon as the professor starts dictating notes, there's always some murmuring you can listen to. People are asking for pens. Don't be one of those. Carry your pen as you'll need it for college as well as in your office. This Ball Pen by Parker is gold and absolutely chic.

Carry your glasses or your contact lenses as you'll need them both in college as well as office. Plus, if you have a desk job, your eyes might sore due to the computer. I liked these wayfarer glasses as they're geeky plus smart.

This is one thing you must, must carry. When you're low on energy or are hungry and broke, these will save you. They're great to munch on while working. If you have a field job, you'll need these. I've always loved carrying Protein Bars as they're sugar-free and taste like coffee mixed with chocolate!

When you are travelling from college to work, you'll definitely be thirsty. Especially in summer months when your body gets dehydrated, drinking water is absolute must. Plus if you have this stylish bottle, I'm sure you'll want to flaunt it. Water is not just essential while travelling, but also for field and desk work. I hope you've not forgotten the rule of drinking eight glasses of water per day!

I recommend you to carry a lunchbox instead of eating outside every day. Carrying your lunch will keep you stay healthy, save your hard-earned money, plus who knows how clean your office canteen is? I loved this lunchbox set by Milton as it is pink and adorable. I'm sure you'll love it too!

For jotting down notes your boss tells you, a notepad is a must. You can either keep it at your desk, or carry it around in your bag. This spiral bound notepad is perfect as it will match with your pen too!

There are three important uses of a scarf--1. To protect your face while you travel from college to work, 2. As a style statement, and 3. To wrap around yourself in that surprisingly cold atmosphere of office. My colleague, back then, used to carry a scarf to wrap herself whenever she felt cold.
To make your outfit go from okay to wow, I recommend this leopard printed scarf.

These are optional. If you feel like you need glasses, then you can carry them. After having so many things inside the bag already, I wouldn't have carried a pair of sunnies to add to the weight. But if you're a sunglasses-girl, go ahead! Pack those huge glasses and make the on-goers go wow! P.S., I'm buying these Fastrack sunglasses real soon!

This one is a strangely needful item. Hands get so dry due to the air conditioner, you feel like applying something to make things all right. I recommend this Milk & Honey Hand Cream by Oriflame to smell good and soften your hands.

I'm not a lip-balm girl, but if you are, carry one stick of Maybelline Baby Lips and dab some whenever your lips are out of moisture. I warn you, the air conditioner's gonna suck moisture from those pretty puckers of yours.

If you're working in a fashion house or in such a company where keeping yourself neat and pretty is one of the unwritten rules, then carry some basic makeup items like Lakme Compact Powder or its Orange Edge lipstick for a quick touch-up.

You'll need pocket tissues while travelling and for cleaning the hands after you're finished secretly eating a pack of Lay's. I bet you know the Tempo Classic Pocket Tissues!

In summers especially, you'll sweat and the perfume you'd sprayed at morning 6:30 is sure to fade away until you reach office at 11:00. Spritz some deodorant whenever you feel you're stinking! I recommend this sexy and light Avon Little Black Dress deodorant.

And again, if your office demands staying pretty all the time, carry the bottle of the nail polish you are wearing. I loved this shade of Lakme 9 To 5 Nail Color. It's a cute pastel shade and perfect for college as well as work.

Don't underestimate them. Sometimes the urge will be so much, that you'll miss these badly! Keep at least two of such Metallic Rubber Bands in your bag!

If you're too lazy to wash your hands, you can use your bottle of hand gel. This sanitizer by Bath and Body Works is to die for!

Don't forget to carry your planner in order to remain updated with what's going on at college during work hours, and what's cooking at the office during college hours. You can plan when to study or do assignments using a planner. Carry a light planner like this one, so that you won't ever keep it out of the bag, considering it useless (and heavy).

You'll need this little guy in college and work too. And if your colleague has a super awesome collection of movies, you'll definitely want to carry a pen-drive.

If you want your locks to look gorgeous, buy this brush by Roots. It is detachable and is a multi-purpose one. I have it in my makeup pouch and it's a travel size brush!

You can carry if you want. I never carried one as I was not really bothered. Plus, as soon as I reached office, the air conditioner made me fresh and good to work. If you're looking for which to buy, try this Clean & Clear Face Wash.

If the seating is very congested at your office, then you'll need mints after the lunch-break. Sometimes, if you're feeling low, the mint flavour will boost you up. I would recommend the good ol' Orbit--they're good for your teeth too.

I suggest you to carry a pair of plain black earphones like these by Skullcandy. You'll need them while travelling and at office if ever you have to use music for editing videos or other activities. I always needed earphones for adding music in videos.

If you're wondering how all that stuff will fit in your bag, the makeup pouch is your answer. All the makeup items and toiletries will go right in this, and you'll have to just take this to washroom if ever there's an emergency! I liked this sultry pouch by Kanvas Katha--it's huge plus absolutely sexy!

Late at night, due to any kind of emergency, you'll have to hire a cab instead of taking the everyday public transport. If that happens, you'll need extra cash. Also, if your colleagues invite you to dinner after work, you should be having some cash at your disposal.

Trust me, these are super-must. They'll give you instant energy and can be filling too. You can either carry them or keep at your desk. And yes, if you are badly craving for some chocolates, there will be nothing better than the dried black currants. Whenever I felt like having chocolates, I munched these and trust me, all the cravings were gone! This is the best way to eat healthy and avoid chocolates! I'd kept a box of these in my desk's drawer.

I always carry candies with me wherever I go. Sometimes, I feel low on sugar and energy. I immediately pop them in my mouth and it feels so good and I'm literally relieved. Remember those candies with a shape that of orange slices? Well those are my favourites.

Don't forget to carry your identity cards, both of college and office, if you have one. Also, carry your bus or train season tickets. If you drive to college/job, take the driver's licence and other important documents, if any.

Finally, to fit all that junk in, you need a large tote. I really liked this Caprese Tote and I have one in similar fashion. Check out this guide for selecting better handbags.

All set for work and wondering what to keep at your office desk? This post is sure to help you: Office Desk Essentials

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