Notebooks I'm Using this Semester

by - March 09, 2016

We have four subjects this semester and I purposely chose four thin notebooks as I exactly knew how much notes our professors dictate and how much of running-notes I take myself. These notebooks might be having 80-100 pages each, and they're more than enough.

Talking about the places I'd purchased them from, the baby pink, black, and blue are from China. The baby pink and black are for Rs. 70 each and I got them from Walmart. And I had ordered the blue one online, for around Rs. 50 or less, I remember.

I had purchased a bucket of perfumes from Pink Mud and got this pink notebook along with it. I had purchased a combo for Rs. 1000, which included a cute pink coloured bucket, one notebook, two small perfume pops, one body mist, and one eau de toilette.

And as it goes without saying, I like to draw names in big letters to state which subject it is. Here are few more fonts:

And finally, a peek inside the baby pink notebook.
I haven't used any tricks while taking notes this semester, therefore nothing to tell regarding the notes.

Which notebook(s) are you using this semester?

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