How to Set a Weekly Study Schedule + FREE Printable

by - March 14, 2016

Finally, the day of studying for the exams arrives today. We have an internal test this Saturday and the professor has mailed us two PowerPoint presentations, which is our syllabus for the same.

Before you start with making a study schedule of your own, print this free printable-- will help you to look at the week and also provide a space for writing which topics are covered, how many days are left, etc.

Now, in order to begin setting a schedule, you can start from the exam week. For example, if your exam is on the next to next Monday, you'll start setting the schedule from one week before and then go backwards. And, keep one day as the revision day; in our example, if the exam is on Monday, keep Sunday as a strictly Revise day.

The schedule I've set is only for one subject, that too, for one internal exam. As the exam is on this Saturday, I've written 'Internal Exam!!' on the box for Saturday. For revision, I've set my revision day as the Friday, i.e., one day prior to exam, with 'REVISE!' as the word.

Due to this method, I'll know when exactly my exam is and how many days are left for it. I'll also calculate my portion and the number of the days, thus excluding the REVISE day.


For my exam, the sir has mailed us two PowerPoint presentations, which have 217 and 21 slides respectively. To go with the flow, I'll either study the 217 slides's PPT at one stretch or the 21 slides's PPT.
Out of the five days left for study, one is chucked out as it is a revision day. So only four days remain.
To divide the slides, I have assigned the 21 slides's PPT for one whole day, as it is a small size to study. Whereas, I have divided 217 slides among three days, which resulted in 72 slides per day. Therefore, I have to study 72 slides for three days to finish the whole of 217 slides's PPT.

If at all I'm failing to study 72 slides on one particular day, I can shift the study of the remaining slides on that day when I'll be studying only the 21 slides's PPT.

This seems an easy schedule, but I'll have to manage my time properly until Saturday. If you have any doubts, ask me!

How do you set your study schedule?

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