Keeping a Check on Books Lent & Books Borrowed

by - March 28, 2016

Ever since I've uploaded a snap of my bookshelf, people around me have started asking me for books. They ask me about the books I own and if I could lend them. I don't mind giving away my books. The only concern I have is that eventually we lend so many books that we don't remember which book is with whom. 

To make things simpler, I have added a 'Page' in the 'Books' section of OneNote, with the name of it as 'Books given'.

All those books that are not currently in my bookshelf are written here. The Sachin Tendulkar and Steve Jobs books are my brother's and just for his sake, I have written about them too. They're probably with his friends; I have no clue.

I had given Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen to my best friend, Amrita. She returned it back to me a couple of days back, and hence, I've checked the box before that book. She's already done reading To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, but as my bag was heavy today, I asked her to get the book some other day. I lent her two books today, about which I've written here. 

This trick is such a saviour. You don't have to remember about the books any longer. Just update this page whenever you lend a book to someone. Also, if you're one of those with completed notes, I'm sure all the classmates must be borrowing notes from you; you can mention about those too.

And, don't forget to mention the books you've borrowed. Add a new 'Page' with the name as 'Books taken' and you can live your life easily. This is simply the best method to keeping track of your babies.

How do you track all the books you've lent and borrowed?

P.S. As my exams are approaching, I may not be able to write frequently. Stay in touch with me on Instagram and I apologize for the inconvenience. I love you all!

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