March 2016 Goals

By Rutuja Bhagwat - March 01, 2016

March is going to be a super busy month. I have to submit four projects of one subject along with other projects. My birthday lies in this month, plus there's cricket World Cup too. 
I hope March is all mine.

Finally, I started going to the gym after a gap of 10 days. The best thing is that my mom has joint the gym along with me, so she'll be accompanying me. In fact, she was with me today and did work out impressively. I look forward to hitting the gym every day.

With summer approaching, I must not forget to take care of my skin by applying a good sunscreen lotion. My current one is almost over and so I have to purchase a new. I gotta do research before buying one. So, my goal would not just be to apply a lotion but research on which to buy too.

I had attended a six-year old girl's birthday party and got a water bottle as the return gift. It's light weight, big, and stylish, and can be perfect companion in this month. I must adhere to this trick for drinking more water

I have to submit lot of assignments, but there's this huge one I'm more worried about. Its submission is on the last Saturday of this month and I hope my group does well.

What are your goals?

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