Adding Checkboxes in Question Bank

by - March 27, 2016

I don't know how useful this tip is, I just wanted to share it with you all. When professors give you question banks for different subjects, you either read it on your computer or take a print. I suggest you to take a print. But before that, don't forget to add these little checkboxes before each question.

I took a pretty long route to do this. I downloaded the file and then pasted it to OneNote. Later, I added checkboxes and then printed the OneNote page. But due to this, two questions from each end of the page got deleted.

But, I just learnt a better way. Once you're done adding checkboxes on OneNote, just copy everything on the page, pressing Ctrl + A and then paste on a Word document. You'll get your questions with the checkboxes.

Though you can still put a tick before every question, there's an added benefit of adding the checkboxes--you exactly know how many squares are empty and how many are ticked. I loved this little trick as it's proving to be really useful (and fun, needless to say).

Do you put such boxes in your question bank?

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