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by - March 16, 2016

I've been getting too many requests to write a post on this. Few days back, I'd given a general idea of creating a blog, but had not spoken about about any particular platform. So, today, I'll write a post on creating a blog on, thus talking about the technical part of it too.

1. Go to

2. Sign in using your Gmail account

3. You'll get a window like this. Click on 'New Blog'.

4. After that, a popup window will open. Fill in details like the 'Title' you want for your blog, the 'Address' you want, and the 'Template' you want. You can change the template and/or customize it later, so don't worry. When choosing an address, be very unique, as common addresses might already be taken. In the above picture, I've written my blog Title as 'Sample' and the address is ''. The template selected is 'Ethereal'. Click on 'Create blog!' once you're done.

 5. You'll get such a page. To start writing your first post, either click on the pencil icon or the 'New post' button.

6. This is the next page you get. You can start writing in big white square provided.

(Please click on the photo to enlarge it.) The above ribbon consists of different options like insert images, HTML view, bolden text, italicise text, underline, add link, add video, bullet list, etc.

7. To add an image, click on the image button from the ribbon. A pop-up will open. Click on 'Choose Files' and select a file from your computer. Once the image is uploaded, click on it, and then click on the 'Add selected' button. Your image will appear on the screen, wherever the cursor is. So make sure you keep your cursor where you want your image to get uploaded. In order to change the size, just click on the image (shown in the above picture), and click on the size you want. I always go with the X-Large size. You can play with the alignment and add a caption too.

8. Towards the right side of the screen, you'll find these options. To add labels, click on 'Labels' option. You can even write and then Schedule the post. 

9. Once you're done writing, just click on the 'Publish' button.

10. To view how your blog looks like, just click on 'View Blog'.

11. Hurray! You just have published your first post. Now, let's play with the layout.

12. Go back to tab and on the dashboard, you'll find these options. Go to Template to customize your template.

13. You'll get these options. You can choose whichever option, depending on what you want to customize. Click on 'Layout' as of now, and select however you want. Once you're done changing, click on 'Apply to Blog', and then either click on 'View Blog' to see the changes or click on 'Back to 'Blogger'.

14. After going back to the dashboard, click on 'Layout'. To add different gadgets, click on 'Add a Gadget'. 

15. A pop-up similar to this will appear. To add a search option to your blog, click on the plus sign next to the 'Search Box' option.

16. Just customize however you want your search box to be, then click on 'Save'. Save the arrangement of the layout and click on View Blog.

17. Tada! You just added a gadget! You can add more of them, play with the template, as in change the font size, add header image, etc.

If you have any doubts, comment below.

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