Sports Schedule on the Wall

by - March 06, 2016

Now that the ICC T20 World Cup is here, I'm sure all the cricket fans are looking forward to watching it. As we are busy, remembering the schedule, or even your country's matches becomes difficult. In order to remember all the important matches, I have an idea.

  • Sports Schedule Cutout
  • A Pair of Scissors
  • Tape
All you have to do is make copies or print the schedules. You can print two copies--one for home and one for the office. At home, you can stick the schedule on a wall, whereas at office, you can pin on the notice board. You won't miss out any matches if you take two such prints.

To avoid any damages of the wall, you can use those tapes that have less adhesiveness power. You can also stick on a door, instead of a wall. The ultimate goal is to remember the dates.

And if everything fails, write the matches in your agenda or your calendar!

What trick do you apply to remember your favourite tournament's schedule?

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