How to Keep Up With the Instagram Theme

by - March 17, 2016

In case you've observed, I like to keep my Instagram feed in a healthy flow. As soon as I find a picture is disrupting the harmony, I delete it. No matter how important the picture is, I delete it. This is the case with my blog's account as well as my personal Instagram account.

It does not matter if you're a blogger, a professional Instagrammer, or an ordinary person, this post goes for everyone.

If you're using any of the vsco's filters, keep it the same for all of the pictures, or bring a slight variation. Even if you want to change the filters, keep it under one tone. For example, if you're using Instagram's Rise filter all the time, you can either use Amaro or Valencia. If you jump from Rise to Nashville, it's gonna bring in a nasty effect to your feed. In my account, I rarely use filters. I like to keep my pictures with a #nofilter. However, I do play with the Brightness, Contrast, and Highlights.

I like to keep most of my pictures white, or with traces of white. I feel like the feed looks really fresh and feminine. I also add in pink in most of the photos.

This is the tip I wanted to share and that's why I wrote this post. 

Let's start by the picture in the lower right corner as it has been uploaded first, followed by the picture of a diary with owl, and so on. I'll just write some common colours as well as other common things used:

White + Blue + Traces of Black
White + Pink + Black
White + Pink
White + Yellow
White + Yellow + Black + Blue
White + Black + Blue
White + Black + Red
White + Pink (looks like Red) + Pink Pen
White + Pink Pen

As you can see, the main colour is mostly white. I have created a chain of colours. This helps the feed to go with a smooth flow, without having to compulsorily post a white and pink picture. You can add colours to your feed by using this trick.

What are your tricks to keep up with the Instagram theme?

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