Summer Handbag Essentials for College

by - March 07, 2016

Now that the summer has begun, you might be wondering what to pack for college. I have listed below those essentials you need to put in your college handbag to ensure good sun protection and staying hydrated throughout. You can skip a few items and add a few depending on what your course is. I carry most of these things throughout the year, but a few like blotting sheets, 'sunscreen' wipes, lipstick with SPF, and the water spray bottle are something designed specially for the summer days.

In case you're allergic to wet tissues, this is a great alternative. Just fill the bottle with water (or rose water) and spray it on your face whenever you want extra hydration. Later, tap a face towel and you'll feel marvellous. I used to do this last year and people used to ask me about it. I recommend this cute Spray Bottle, which is pink and has flowers on it. I have somewhat similar, and I'd purchased it from China.

After you wash off your face with a facewash, wet tissue, or the spray bottle, you might need some makeup for a touchup. You can carry a compact powder, lipstick, eyeliner, etc. in a small pouch. I recommend this Lakme Compact Powder as it has an SPF of 23.

No matter which season it is, you'll need a planner. In summers, you mostly have exams around the corner. A planner will keep you organized, plus you can make a study-schedule and ask professors all the doubts! 

Going to college without a notebook is a waste of lectures. Even if you don't write in it, carrying a notebook to college is must. I really liked this cute Goodwork Stripes Notebook, but the pages are a little less. However, if you have less writing work, you can always use such thin notebooks.

Summer reading is fun if you have a summer novel. This book Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert is one of the must-reads and sure to keep you entertained under the sun.

As much as we need wet wipes, we need dry tissues too. They are great alternatives for blotting papers and can be definitely used to clean the chocolate-flavoured ice-cream you're enjoying and just have spilt it down! These Tempo Classic Pocket Tissues have become quite popular now.

Facewash can be amazing in cleaning your face. If you're meeting your boyfriend after lectures, you will be needing a facewash for that amazing glow on your face. I would say this Clean & Clear Face Wash is perfect for summers, as it has the ability to remove oil off your face.

Earlier, I used to carry a pouch to college. But now the essentials have grown so much that I don't even think of carrying anything but a pen. If you're all about preppy stationary, this cute Phoenix Ambition Roller Ball Pen is a must buy!

The hand gels don't just sanitize your palms, but also leave a fresh fragrance along. If you buy this Bath and Body Works Hand Sanitizer, you'll get the best out of both the worlds. Plus, its Hawaiian fragrance will take you straight to Hawaii!

There are so many types of sunglasses in the market. No matter if you wear them to style around or for the sun-protection matter, carrying a pair of sunglasses is must. These Candid Aviator Sunglasses are sure to make you look cool plus get that edgy road-trip kinda look. What say?

I have recently learnt how to tie a scarf covering the entire face, leaving the eyes. I had worn it that way just today, and I felt so good. Scarves have the highest SPF! This gorgeous floral Swan Women's Scarf is something I'm gonna definitely buy. It's so beautiful!

To make things simpler, I purchased this Roots Detachable Hair Brush. Yes, 'detachable'--you can remove the handle and just keep the bristles in your handbag! I have kept this little guy in my essentials' pouch, and it fits inside easily! 

I am not a fan of these sheets, and don't even think they work up to a good level. But if you wanna try them out, Oriflame Optimals Face Blotting Tissues are something you should look forward to. 

Even if you have tied your hair, you just don't know when you'll loosen your hair and then lose your hair tie. So, for the sake of the extremely hot weather, keep extra ties in your pouch. You never know when you'll need them. Plus, if you have such cute bow Metallic Rubber Bands, you're sure to use them to flaunt your tresses!

If you want to brighten up your face, apply a lipstick. And if it has an SPF, like this Lotus Ecostay Lip Colour, then bingo!

Again, to keep you entertained, you'll need earphones in your journey to college and fro. These Skullcandy Jib ones are bright and full of that extra bass!

I had already shot pictures of my essentials' pouch along with the contents, only to later realize I missed a lot of things. I'll re-shoot this and post in the end of March or in April. I have one stunning pouch with me, but if I had to buy an extra one, I would have no doubt purchased this sexy Kanvas Katha Makeup Pouch.

A Turkish face towel is required to wipe the sweat, scrub your face, remove the oil, or just to pat dry after using facewash or the spray bottle. Avoid carrying a handkerchief; instead, buy a small towel like this pink Face Towel.

Not quite a satisfied user of suncreens and sunblocks. But whenever I will become one, I'll definitely try the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Sunblock--it has SPF above 50 and is as small as 30ml, which means, it is travel friendly. Smear on some sunblock after washing your face. Don't forget to dust some compact powder after the sunblock too!

I always have candies in my handbag. Whenever I feel like puking or want some glucose dose, I pop in one candy. I carry those orange slice-like orange candies, but these Mentos Chewy Assorted Mints seem promising too.

Sanitary napkins obviously form a part of the handbag essentials, no matter which season it is, or what you do. But, I just wanna clarify why I mentioned them here. In summers, you tend to wear light coloured clothes, so the chances of the visibility of stains, God forbid, become more. In winters, you're most likely in dark colours, so if there's a slight drop, you're safe until you reach home, only to panic later! For greater safety, these Sofy Bodyfit Overnight Pads are perfect; you'll feel like you're in a diaper, but they're brilliant.

You can also keep panty liners, which I forgot to put in the picture. They are small pads and catch all the possible fluids and odour from your vagina. You can keep a small pack of the Mood Wings Panty Liners, which has 10 of them inside. These are great in summers, as you tend to drink less water and dehydrate sooner. I recommend using these only when you're travelling or are on a day-out with a bunch of not-so-comfortable people.

Do others a favour and carry a small bottle of body spray with you. No matter how much of the spray you've applied in the morning, you are sure to lose the fragrance by the end of the day. If you're wearing a sleeveless t-shirt, don't dare to even go close to people without ensuring you're smelling decent. This Oriflame Body Spray is light-weight and has an energetic, floral fragrance.

What a shame to have written water bottle so very late in the post. Don't carry any of the above things, but definitely carry a water bottle. I suggest going with light ones like Cello Polypropylene Bottle instead of the heavy ones. Sometimes, we hesitate to carry bottles because of its weight; well, at least I do!

I have been using wet wipes almost daily in the past few weeks. They clean your face, remove dirt, dust, and oil, and energize you. I'm currently using the Kara Aloe Vera & Cucumber Wipes, but would love to try the Kara Sunscreen Face Wipes, as they have SPF!

If you need glasses, carry them. These Red Knot Wayfarer Spectacle Frame are huge and I loved them! Also, If you wear contacts, you would wanna carry the solution and the case to hold the lenses.

To store all the above essentials, you need a large summer tote like this Vero Couture Tote. It's sturdy, plus super stylish!

Carry the usual wallet, keys, ID card, train season pass, bus season pass, licence, etc.

What are you summer essentials for college handbag?

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