Lotus Black Angel Nail Polish Review

by - March 22, 2016

I've applied black colour on my nails after so long. Earlier, right since my 7th standard to TYBMM, I used to apply only black. Sometimes, to match with the outfit, I used to put other colours, but black used to be on my nails for 80% of the times. I used to think there's just one colour out there--black. I owe it to my favourite singer back then, Avril Lavigne. I was a mad fan of hers. She's probably the only celebrity till now whom I've looked upon.
But now, I apply any kind of colour, except neon colours; they're hideous, I feel.

I purchased this Black Angel-83 shade few days back, on an urgent basis. I'll need it for today evening. I got this 7ml bottle for Rs. 108, after discount. The cost of it is Rs. 120, and I got 10% discount on it. I bought it from a local cosmetic store.

Honestly, the packaging could have been better as the bottle looks like an eyeliner. The long cap of it just increases the size of the whole product. I wouldn't have purchased this seeing just its packaging.

The bottle says it needs two coats, which is definitely true and needful. One coat comes out like a grey watery colour. The wand of the brush is too long, which is good. Also, the brush has lot of bristles, which makes the application process quite easy. You can apply on two to three nails at one go. Just see to it that you don't take too much of it on the brush. The application is not as smooth as the shopkeeper said it was. You won't get that perfect straight glow-line.

The colour is a typical black, only after two applications. I love black colour and so there's no need to comment on this one. The lasting power is up to 4-5 days.

- Good consistency
- Good colour
- Long wand
- Wide brush

- Packaging could have been better
- We don't get the straight glow-line
- A bit pricey

If there are other good options, go for them. However, I suggest you to try some other colours in this brand.

Have you tried the Lotus brand for nail polish yet?

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